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I have a shitty car, sue me. You know you always manage to make every day worse. Yeah well you’ve been a real beam of sunshine. I cannot believe you. Me? Really? Aren’t you supposed to be the responsible one? No I mean like isn’t that what you tell yourself? You’re the one driving now, aren’t you? I have always taken care of you and you know that. You’ve taken care of me. Really? Yeah. No really, you think that that’s what’s been happening? Yes! You know what I take it back, I don’t like you. Good, I don’t like you either. Great. So there is a reason that this hasn’t been happening. Absolutely. Awesome. train whistle blowing You like it, don’t you? The way men just fall over themselves for you. Oh come on! No you need to understand something Emma, the way that you come off. Yeah, how do I come off? Slutty. Really? Really you’re gonna slut shame me now? Well you know what Millie? I think that you could use a little slutty in your life. Yeah no then maybe you wouldn’t be so afraid about having you unlovable, self-absorbed bitch! gasps tense music engine starting Come on, it’s too hot. Did any mail come for me? Oh so are we talking now? Is that what we’re doing? Come on. No. Why? I’m waiting on that letter from DC. We just got here Millie. That’s not really how mail works. Why don’t you just wait til tomorrow and check it when we get home? What do you mean? Aren’t we leaving? I can’t. No that’s way too much for me. Mom. Dad’s face. I don’t want a sad mix tape. I just need some privacy. Okay well that I can do. Emma. pensive music laughing Emma, let’s go downstairs. There’s no TV downstairs. You planned this, didn’t you? [Millie] Yep. Yes. thunder rumbling How does Grandma have a Darlingside album? I have no idea. She’s got style though, gotta give her that. “Blow the House Down” by Darlingside People have places And the places have the people’s dreams Oh puff, puff and blow the house down Oh puff, puff and blow the house down Oh puff, puff and blow the house down And down and down and down and blow the house down Blow the house down and down and blow the house down Emma Haven. You really are something. There’s a song for the robbers On the other side of windowpanes A song for the cowboys Held up in hundred-mile-an-hour trains And there’s one for the lovers, and one for the sinners That they sing in the pews Short of distinctions I’d say we’ve all grown tired of singing blues Oh groans Emma. What? Get up, get up. No, we gotta go upstairs before we fall asleep down here. What? No this is good. I’m cozy. My head hurts. Such a wuss. Why would you do that to me? car pulling up gasps I’ll show you who a wuss is. That really wasn’t that tough. thunder rumbling cries out Oh whoa whoa whoa Oh god! Whoa, are you okay? Yeah, I Hey! Just stay back, don’t come close. Okay yeah no I surrender. Please, don’t cook me. You should probably stay inside. Tornado watch is in order for another hour or so. Oh watch, smatch, I only go inside for warnings. Oh I see. A true midwesterner. Yeah. We would sit on our porch and watch ’em go by.

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