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that you had mentioned that you’d like to rape her mom. Yeah, at one point, I was thinking about it. Okay. He had wanted to rape my mother. That’s what he wanted to do. He was like, “I’m going to kill her, but I’m going to do it my way, and I’m going to rape her.” So what I did was I made a deal with him. I’d let him rape me, and– and then he wouldn’t– he wouldn’t do that to my mom. So you guys have . Yes. And what kind of ? What is like to you? Well, to me, the kind of that it was was pretty much kind of con– consensual? Is that the word I’m looking for? Officer: Like, are you biting her? Are you punching her? Godejohn: No, no, I would never lay my hands on her. I didn’t even bite her at all, actually. Not for a long time, that is. The very first time, she whispered in my ear that that was a turn-on of hers, is biting. I bit her twice. Okay. The first time I can’t remember. The second time I remember, because I bit her a lot harder. However, she seemed to still enjoy it even though it was really hard. Gypsy: Technically, once we got to that point, I screamed for him to stop, and he didn’t. So I don’t consider it to be consensual. Okay, all right. Is there a reason you didn’t feel pleasure? I don’t know. It’s really hard to say. I did make her have an orgasm once. Okay. And then after that, I– she might’ve blew me a bit. And then after that, I think we stopped because we realized there was a lot of packing and stuff to do. Okay, so you guys get everything packed. She wipes down the fingerprints. And then what do you guys do? We get in a taxi and we get to the hotel. Hi, honey. I’m filming. He’s eating a brownie! Gypsy: But later, he will be eating me! I loved Nick very much at that time, and being with him felt exciting because I was with someone I loved and someone I thought cared for me. We took a Greyhound bus back to Wisconsin. My mind wasn’t thinking back to what was at my house. I just kept thinking, “I’m free, I’m free,” and that excitement of being free and walking. I always reference myself to this little bluebird that was trapped in an invisible cage, and I felt like this bluebird was set free. Did you guys talk about your future? What was your plans for your future? We wanted to have a family together, and we wanted to build a life together and stuff. We thought we really had a chance to do it, so we were happy about that. Does your mom and stepdad know what you did? No, they don’t. And this is the first time they ever met Gypsy? Yeah. In person, yes. Okay, and they agreed to let her live there? Yep. Okay. Officer: What did you do think about Gypsy? You know, it was weird because when I picked them up from the bus station, I even asked her, “How’s your mom doing? How is your Radio ” ‘Cause I was told she was in a homeless shelter. Her mom kicked her out. So I asked her how her mom was doing. This might have been the first thing I asked her. No big deal, They acted like nothing. What was your impression? Did you feel like there was anything wrong? Did you feel like everything was good? Everything seemed normal. The only thing that freaked me out is she was wearing a wig. Okay. Hancock: Did you remember getting in the mail an envelope or anything addressed to Nick or Gypsy or anything like that? There was one that just came in– hmm– Saturday? I have no idea what was in it. Hancock: That was my next question. Charles: I don’t go through mail. Okay. Charles: Maybe I should have. That was the night that he had stabbed her to death. What? They mailed it from their house there to your house. Are you serious? Yes, ma’am. Oh, my God. And that was located in your house. Stephanie: My God. Officer: I think there was a little– around $,-, of cash that they had stolen from her mom. Stephanie: My God. Did you see the Facebook post where it says– No. Okay, that’s right. On Dee and Gypsy’s Facebook post that they share, there are some horrible messages that were posted on there that said, like– I believe, like, they slashed her– like, “I slashed her. I killed her. And then I raped the girl, and the girl’s dead, too.” Well, those all were actually posted by Gypsy. Dr. Feldman: Startlingly with Gypsy, who went online to announce, you know, “That bitch is dead,” and to go even further and describe a scenario where she was raped is just perverse. It implies a fair degree of sociopathy. Just the way the girl acted– I mean, how can you do something to your mother and lose your mother, and just act like that? I was like– I’m just trying to wrap my head around it. I mean, they acted like two normal people. Yeah. That’s what’s really freaky. Yeah. How can you do that? Bobby: Gypsy might have been the mastermind herself. I think it’s most anybody’s instinct to, “Oh, shit, you murdered your mother,” you know? Watch that girl. Don’t turn your back. You she might stab you. Dean: I do think Gypsy is potentially dangerous. Dee Dee was a master manipulator, and it’s impossible that Gypsy would not have picked this up and used it. Yeah. You know? I know. I mean, that’s the way it works, though, when you have what he has.

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