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I reckon it could be unhealthy, to be honest. Like, you could, like, persuade yourself that you’re, like, a character that isn’t real. I don’t know. Like, I’ve never thought about that before. I reckon that is pretty, like, unhealthy but then actors do it, like, in movies. MICHELLE: Honestly, I have a lot of nightmares. PHONE RINGS I have quite a problem with nightmares. And I can’t even really remember I remember them when I wake up in the morning, but then I forget. But, yeah, I certainly have more nightmares than dreams. ANSWERS PHONE Good afternoon, Spookers. Hi. CHAINSAW NOISE INTERVIEWER: Can you remember your dreams last night or this morning? HUIA: My dreams? INTERVIEWER: Yeah. HUIA: Oh, those are fun. I have lots of those. SPOOKY MUSIC HUIA: Life’s hard. It is. INTERVIEWER: Why? HUIA: I don’t know, stress, people. You’ve got to like people. Then you’ve got to dislike people. The struggles, the struggles of life. Yeah. But then you have people like Bubbles, and Puppy and Bunny make life all better. SPEAKER: Oh, it’s OK. Bubbles and Puppy are here for you. BARKS AND GROWLS BETH: About I got really sick and it turned out that I had an auto-immune disease. But that took a long time to diagnose and I was quite ill for a long time. And we had a business at the time, which we had to sell because we couldn’t manage to run it. But we went on to do other things. If I hadn’t had that time, we wouldn’t have had Spookers. At that stage we were growing around , ha of maize and I saw a little wee sentence in a newsletter that I was reading on the internet that said, “Have you seen the maize maze?” And as soon as I saw that sentence, everything just became absolutely crystal clear. ANDY: We started with a day maze and then one night we got a whole lot of our friends into the maze in the evening and we thought we’d try it. So it just sort of developed and, you know, we just used the local farmers and they’re all mates and they’d jump off their tractors and just arrive and they’d grab their chainsaws BETH: And bank managers. ANDY: Yeah, and the local cop. BETH: Two bank managers and the local policeman. ANDY: Yeah. And we’d just run around like idiots. It was so much fun. BETH: We turned the wool shed into a haunted house for Halloween one year for kids and families. We thought it’d be fun. And then it got so busy in the wool shed that we kept it open while Corn Evil was open and it ended up that Andy used to have to truck the sheep away to somebody else’s farm to get them shorn because our wool shed was always a haunted house. We started looking for somewhere in Auckland to do a haunted house permanently and have it open all year round, because with Corn Evil we could only do it, January till the end of April, and that’s when the maize all gets harvested. ANDY: Yeah. BETH: We found this building and it all just started. SPEAKER : Like, you know, before when it was a mental hospital, I mean, there was mental patients in there, did they, like, kick them all out just to make this? Or did they all die or something?

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