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No. Why? She just hates my music. That’s okay. Do that again. Will you dance with me? Come on. Dance with me. ♪ You’ve got the untortured mind of a woman ♪ Who has answered all the questions before ♪ You’ve got the freegiving ways of a woman ♪ Who has kicked all the heartache out the door ♪ And, Janie, don’t you know? ♪ Janie, don’t you know? I been trying ♪ You’ve got the untortured mind of a woman ♪ Who has answered all the questions before ♪ You’ve got the freegiving ways of a woman ♪ Who has kicked all the heartache out the door ♪ And, Janie, don’t you know? Okay, let’s go back to the first chorus. No, it’s good. Are we gonna do the two verses? I would like to. Um Online Radio Australia I don’t know. Let’s, let’s try it again from the top. Well, now that the son is here, I think we should ask the son what he thinks. Let’s play and see what happens. Hey, Lee. Hey hey. What you been up to, partner? Radio Online, I’ve just been herding some cattle, man. Polishing my spurs. Good to see you again. Start the verse now. Wait a second. I don’t know Online Radio Australia That’s when you should come in with the lyrics. Right there. Hey, just a second, guys. So, uh Online Radio Australia What’s up with California? What’s up Online Radio Australia Sun and surf guy. I was born there. His love of water. LA? Anaheim. He’s up north. I don’t know. I love LA. But no one will Online Radio Australia me in LA. I’m serious. I don’t think you’re trying hard enough. No, no, no. I try very hard. And, this is how I know. There are people in New York. Who will Online Radio Australia me in New York. Who will not Online Radio Australia me in LA. I will Online Radio Australia you in LA. Okay, guys. All right, guys. Let’s take it from the intro, you can try your verse. From the top. Hit it. ♪ If a fiddler played you a song my love ♪ And if I gave you a wheel Uhhuh. Walk away, walk away, walk away. Everyone, walk away for a minute. Where did you learn to play that thumb piano? Berklee, man. Undergrad. You know, you got to put all that Radio Online behind you. What Radio Online? You know, all that stuff about your dad? What the Online Radio Australia, Lee Online Radio Australia Look, I get it. He wasn’t around. It’s not like he beat the Radio Online out of me every day. When I was with him, there were these nights after the shows when he would have me drive him to your house. He would have me wait in the car. What he was doing was sneaking into your room, to sit there, and watch you sleeping in your crib. Okay. That’s weird. I don’t know Online Radio Australia I swear to God. I don’t know why you wanna tell me that, man. All right. What do we have? Hey, Allie. What’s next? Song of the Siren? Song of the Siren. All right. Bring in the scrim. Oh, no. I don’t know about the scrim, Janine. I really don’t. It’s too big. It’s so big, man. It’s like it’s a drivein movie theater right here in the church. It blocks Jesus, I can’t Online Radio Australia I want a red sound Online Radio Australia Yeah, where’s the violinist? We haven’t got her yet, so Online Radio Australia Let’s go ahead and rehearse Siren and tell the guys to bring in the scrim anyway. Okay. Not the Online Radio Australiaing scrim, man. I think it’s gonna be great. Let’s just have a look at it. If we don’t like it, we don’t do it. All right. Will you go hunt her down because we have to move this along. Mmmhmm. Okay. I’ll be just a sec. I’m starving. Bring me some licorice and beef jerky. So, California boy. Joni Mitchell masturbating on a rock. Laurel Canyon, orange juice. That’s it. That’s my life story. How’d you know? Oh, my God. I totally wrote the program notes. So, I, like, know everything about you. How did you get to be the slave, here? I’m not the slave. I love working here. Like these people are incredible. So, you know. Also I have a huge, huge crush on your father. Huge, huge? Huge, huge? You sure it isn’t just huge? Huge. No, I never exaggerate my hyperboles, ever. No? He would have liked you too. You always walk, like that? You know, you waste a lot of time that way. You’re like an alligator. Really? Yeah, alligators can run like miles an hour, but, only in a straight line, and they can’t turn and you’re Online Radio Australia Like. Yes, you. Really? ♪ You don’t remember what to say ♪ You don’t remember what to do ♪ You don’t remember where to go ♪ You don’t remember what to choose ♪ You wheel, you steal ♪ You feel, you kneel down ♪ Down ♪ Down ♪ Down ♪ Down ♪ Down ♪ Down ♪ All the stony people ♪ Walking ’round in Christian licorice clothes ♪ I can’t hesitate ♪ And I can’t wait for Pleasant Street ♪ Sunshine ♪ Reminds you ♪ Concreted skies ♪ And you find yourself falling ♪ Back to yesterday’s lies ♪ Hello ♪ Pleasant Street ♪ Don’t you know she’s back again ♪ Hey. The ‘s were bullRadio Online. What? Dylan? Mingus? Boom. That’s ‘s. ♪ You ask how much I need you ♪ Must I explain ♪ I need you Online Radio Australia ♪ ♪ It’s some kind of wonderful, Yes, she is ♪ Some kind of wonderful ♪ Let me tell you, one more thing. And the ‘s, were almost big, big bullRadio Online. Except for one thing, and I don’t need to tell you what that is, The ‘s, I don’t even need to tell you. Except for The Smiths. That’s the ‘s. ♪ Metal Guru, is it you? ♪ Metal Guru, is it you? ♪ Sitting there in your armorplated chair, oh, yeah ♪ Metal Guru ♪ is it you? Jeff? No, no, no no, no. Oh! This is it. I found it. This is Online Radio Australia ♪ Valhalla I’m Online Radio Australia ♪ All I’m telling you now, the greatest thing ♪ You ever could do now, is share a smile ♪ For someone who’s blue, now Online Radio Australia ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I love you, baby How I love you, darlin’ Online Radio Australia ♪ Oh, little girl Oh, little girl ♪ That’s the way it oughta be ♪ Momma said, that’s the way it ♪ oughta stay To where to now? I have to get back. Oh, what? I have to get back. I have to go. But we’re going forth. No, Hal is under the gun. We are going forth, not back. Come on. They need me, Jeff. We have to go forth. Where? Anywhere. One of your slave haunts. Anywhere. I have to get back! No. We have to go forth.

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