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It’s all right. Hey hey, no no Online Radio Australia It’s all right, It’s all right Online Radio Australia Stop! Don’t move. It’s okay. Nice one, mate. It’s okay mate, It’s okay, just breathe, mate. Just breathe Online Radio Australia I hate what he’s done to you. I’m sorry. Saroo! Saroo. Saroo! Saroo! Hey! Hey Online Radio Australia Kiss me. Stop, please. Hey! Look at me. Look at me! Can this wait? Where are you? Can this wait ’til we get home? Yah? Home? What home? You mean, where I’m alone in one room and you’re alone in another room? Come on. Stop, Luce. Stop it. Come on. Please. Saroo! You need to face reality! What do you mean? Reality? You have any idea what it’s like knowing my real brother Online Radio Australia and mother spend everyday of their lives looking for me? How every day my real brother screams my name! Can you imagine the pain they must be in for not knowing where I am? years, Luce. ! Why didn’t you tell me that’s was happening for you? And we swung about in our Online Radio Australia privileged lives. It makes me sick. I have to find home. They need to know, okay? I’ve never stopped you. I want to help. I can’t do this anymore. You deserve more. Don’t you do that! Don’t you dare do that! This is on you, not on me. Saroo, you there, mate? It’s One Day International (cricket) tomorrow. You can come over if you like? I meant to tell you, I fixed the tiller. Why don’t we take her out? We can head up the coast? Hey, Saroo Online Radio Australia Mate, your mum’s not, um, look, we’ve lost track of Mantosh, he’s missing again. You know how worried she gets. We know you quit your job, mate. Just worried about you, son. I’ve been visiting her. Every night I walk those streets home. Home from the dam. Home from the station. I know now Online Radio Australia every single step of the way. And I imagine that I’m Online Radio Australia whispering in her ear Online Radio Australia I’m here, it’s alright. What was she like? Beautiful. How was New York? It’s the same. So, what brings you back? My funding came through. It’s great! See Online Radio Australia They know how good you are. I miss you. I saw your mom. She’s not doing very well. I’m worried, it would kill her if she knew I was searching. You underestimate her. She needs you. No, give me five rupees then I’ll carry them all Okay, you win, take this He was carrying a watermelon and didn’t see it coming What? What if you do find home and they’re not even there? And you never stop and keep searching? And you don’t know what happens over time, things change, and entire worlds change. I don’t have a choice. Stay. I can’t. Stay right there Weren’t you supposed to look after him? Where were you? Don’t you love him? John heard Mantosh is out on the boats. Doing a lobster run. He’s due back tomorrow. So he’ll be flushed with cash, back on the hard stuff. I’m sorry you couldn’t have your own kids. What are you saying? We Online Radio Australia We Online Radio Australia weren’t blank pages, were we? Like your own would have been. You weren’t just adopting us but our past as well. I feel like, we’re killing you. I could have had kids. What? We chose not to have kids. We wanted the two of you. That’s what we wanted. We wanted the two of you in our lives. That’s what we chose. That’s one of the reasons, I fell in love with your dad. Because we both felt, as if Online Radio Australia the world has enough people in it. Have a child, couldn’t guarantee it will make anything better. But to take a child that’s suffering like you boys were. Give you a chance in the world. That’s something. I bet you never imagined it being this hard. It’s not a matter of hard. It’s not a mat Online Radio Australia There’s only one path for me. And, that’s how I think. That’s how this happened because Online Radio Australia When I was , I had a vision. Some people would say, it was a breakdown. But it Online Radio Australia My dad was an alcoholic. You know that, and he was like he wasn’t a good man. He was out of control when I was Online Radio Australia I was standing at the back of the house. I was looking out across this field. And I just wanted the earth to swallow me up. And I Online Radio Australia I felt an electric current, it was like a shock, like a jolt through my whole body. And then I saw Online Radio Australia A brown skinned child across that field. And he was standing beside me. And it was right there and I could feel it so strongly. And for the first time in my life I felt something good Online Radio Australia I felt good. And I knew it was guiding me. And I knew that I was going to be fine. It was, as if, that moment I could see my future, right there! Because I always thought that I could keep this family together. And now Online Radio Australia Now I don’t know. Where Online Radio Australia Mum Online Radio Australia What’s happening? I don’t understand. You don’t talk to me any more. I need you, Saroo. Mantosh! Sorry for what I said at dinner. Ganesh Talai Online Radio Australia Ganesh Talai. Ganestlay! Mum I found home! What? Please wait for me. I’m here. So this is where you’ve been. I don’t want you to feel, I was ungrateful. There wasn’t a day, I didn’t want to tell you. Saroo. I really hope she’s there. She needs to see how beautiful you are! Hey Hi, I used to live here. I Online Radio Australia used to Online Radio Australia Can I help? That’s me. I’m Saroo. I used to live here. You lived here? Yes I used to live here. I’m looking for Guddu, Kallu, Shekila. My mother. Come. Come where? Come with me. Just come. Saroo! Mum. Mum? Saroo? Saroo? Saroo Online Radio Australia Saroo! Saroo! Oh, how I looked for you! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Yes, the watermelon. Watermelon Tarabuja! Yes, Tarabuja! Watermelon Online Radio Australia Guddu? And Guddu? Where is Guddu? Where is he? Guddu is no more. He is with God. Shekila. Shekila Shekila Shekila? Shekila? Shekila? Shekila? He’s your brother! She’s so big! It’s me, Saroo. Beautiful. Hi, mum. I know you will be sound asleep. I just want to say that I’m safe. I’m safe and the questions have been answered. There are no more deadends. I found my mother, and Online Radio Australia she thanks you both for raising me.

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