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You’re off by an undertone, and you’re dead. And Tim was never dead. Online Radio Australia the room. Online Radio Australia it, it’s not about the room. Online Radio Australia the room, see, that I like. No, listen. Nusrat Online Radio Australia Nusrat used to play in a Sheraton business center. I mean this gross, little place, there’s a shopping mall. I know that Radio Online, that Radio Online is Online Radio Australiaing real. It’s a shopping mall. He made it sacred. What? I didn’t say anything. It was just him and a rug. A rug. Yeah. There’s always a rug. Online Radio Australia the rug. It was unbelievable. His voice shook the planet. And people floated money onto the stage. They crumpled the bills up. Throwing down the capitalists out there. Your dad was into the qawwali music Hey, guys, here’s the tape. Do I stand over there, or will it just pick up? Uh, I think it will just pick up. These guys always have faith. Hey, watch this. ♪ Once I was a soldier ♪ And I fought on foreign sands for you ♪ Once I was a hunter ♪ And I brought home fresh meat for you ♪ Once I was a lover Can we get rid of the Online Radio Australiain’ bubbles? Call somebody at VH. ♪ I searched behind your eyes for you ♪ But, soon there will be another ♪ To tell you I was just a lie ♪ But, sometimes ♪ I wonder, just for a while ♪ Will you ever ♪ remember me? ♪ So now you have forgotten ♪ All of our rubbish dreams ♪ I find myself searching ♪ Through the ashes of our ruins ♪ For the days when we smiled ♪ And the hours that run wild ♪ Through the magic of our eyes ♪ And the silence of our words ♪ Sometimes ♪ I wonder just for a while ♪ Will you ever ♪ Remember me? ♪ Oh ♪ Train number , making stops at CrotonHarmon, Poughkeepsie, Rhinecliff, Hudson, Albany, Troy, Amsterdam, Utica, Buffalo and Niagara Falls. There’s a train at : that we could get. I’m not too worried about getting back. You’re just gonna stay in Amsterdam? You know, frankly, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but this, this whole thing, this whole concert is Online Radio Australiain’ ridiculous. Like all these people paying tribute to Tim. They don’t even know him. They never knew him. Lee played with him, Lee doesn’t know him, Lee is Online Radio Australia How does anyone know anybody? We’re all a million things. It’s a Online Radio Australia It’s my father there and that’s his father. He used to beat the Radio Online outta that boy. Every day. I don’t know Online Radio Australia I mean, he spent his entire life abandoning the people he loves. Writing love songs. Online Radio Australia, I mean I get that, I do, I get that, but you know Online Radio Australia He made six albums by the time he was my age. So like what the Online Radio Australia? What am I doing here. I don’t Online Radio Australia Why am I here? And then all these people like, “You look like him.” “You look like him, you look like him.” You do. You do, you look like him. So? Where you going? One for you, one for me. No, thanks, I don’t Online Radio Australia I don’t want that. I went to see this, uh, Kabuki performance the other day, it’s like, Japanese theater. Yeah, I know what Kabuki is. This, uh, one actor was like years old. And his performance was, like, exquisite. Like the way he moved an eyebrow just affected you, it was so weird. And I knew that I needed to get something from him. You know what I mean? And the next day I went along to the theater, and after the curtain he appeared, and I sauntered up to him, and I asked him, I was like, “How did you do this one magical thing?” I was like, “How did you do it?” “How did you prepare for it?” And he was like, “Prepare?” And I was like, “Yeah, for the performance.” And he said, “Well, every moment, of every day is this.” The performance is no different. Yeah, I like that. You do that. No, hardly, that’s Online Radio Australia You do that. No, that’s bullRadio Online. I haven’t done anything. You are able to do that. Your father did it too. My father was a total phony. You can’t say that. I can’t say Online Radio Australia Why not? My father was a total phony. Did you know him? Yes. Did you know him? Yes, I knew him. No, did you actually, like, meet him? Met him twice actually, once when I was one year old, he dropped by my birthday to give me a rattle. How’s that? And then second time I was eight years old, he invited me to come see him perform at the Troubadour. It was his wife actually who invited me to come stay at their house for three weeks. Which I did, and I never saw him. I didn’t see him once. Why? Because he was at the studio every day, to make this album, and he didn’t invite me to come along? No. Why? Maybe because he knew I could Online Radio Australiain’ outsing him then. And as for his music, my theory is that he just found some hippy’s notebook on an acid trip. When he ran out of pages, that’s when he OD’d. I’m serious, I’m serious. I’m totally Online Radio Australiain’ serious. All I want to do Online Radio Australia ♪ If a fiddler played you a song, my love ♪ And if I gave you a wheel ♪ Would you spin for my heart and loneliness? ♪ Would you spin for my love? ♪ If I gave up all of my pride for you ♪ And only loved you for now ♪ Would you hide my fears and never say ♪ Tomorrow I must go? We got a couple of hours. You wanna sample the local Dr Pepper? Hey, how you doing? All right. May I help you folks? Can I get a shot of Dewar’s and a beer. All right. And a Dr Pepper. Ha! We’ve only got Pepsi. That’s all right, thanks. So where do you come from? I come from the ‘s. From the time of big, big, bullRadio Online, apart from one thing. What? I don’t know, I don’t know. Say it. I have a mother, I have a father, um Online Radio Australia They fight over the dishwasher. How long have you had this place here? Oh, years. years? Oh, my God. My uncle left it to my brother and me. I’ll be outside. We used to have food in here. Now, it’s all microwave. That’s a shame. We should go. Jeff. Where are you going, Jeff? Hey, guys, do you know where Mechanic Street is? Yeah, it’s down there? Thank you. Hey! My father used to live down there. Okay? Can I have your lighter? Yeah. . Thanks. Pick it up. No, no! Mmmmmm.

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