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Not for all my little words Not if I could write for you The sweetest song you ever heard It doesn’t matter what I do Not for all my little words chimes Hey, Carl? Yeah? Can you just make sure he’s okay back there? I’m just gonna try one last time. Sure. Thanks. Come on, buddy. Come on. Here we go. Attaboy. Ajax! It’s been so long. Are you out there? If you are, it’s your last chance to come with us. I really wish you would. seagulls cawing barking laughs barking continues Summit is in heaven. Yeah. It’s really beautiful here. You all right? Yeah, yeah. I’m just gonna go get some iced tea. The sky was blue the wind was still The moon was shining clearly I set her down with right good will Among the rigs of barley I kenned her heart with all my own I loved her most sincerely I kissed her o’er and o’er again Among the rigs of barley Good afternoon! I like your rabbits. Those are hares, not silly old rabbits. Lovely march hares. Can I help you? Mrs. Morrison- mrs. May Morrison? Yes. Sergeant Howie, West Highland police. Oh, my! Did you come over in that aeroplane that I saw flying round? Aye, that’s right. What, just to see me? Well, no, not exactly. I’m making inquiries about your daughter. We understand that she’s missing. Missing? My daughter? Aye. You do have a daughter. Yes. And that’s her? Oh, never. I tell you no. I think you’d better come with me. This is our Myrtle. She was nine last thursday. She’s not a bit like the girl in your photograph. She must be at least or , surely. Myrtle, say hello. This is Sergeant- oh! Howie. Oh. Hello, Myrtle. How do you do? Look, mummy, I’m drawing a hare. Ah. Excuse me, Sergeant. Hello. Here you are. You can fill in the ears in gray. Oh, sorry. Thank you, Myrtle. Myrtle, do you do you know Rowan? Of course I do. You do? ‘Course I do, silly. Uh, do you know where she is now? In the fields. She runs and plays there all day. Does she? Do you think she’ll be coming back for tea? Tea? Hares don’t have tea, silly. Hares? She’s a hare. Rowan’s a hare. She has a lovely time. Well, tell me- Well, now, Sergeant. You will stay and have a cup of tea, won’t you? Oh, well, yes, yes, please. Good. That’s very kind of you. Um, not at all. It must be thirsty work, asking all those questions, eh? Ah, aye. Hello. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening. Hello again. Are you the landlord here? Aye. I’m Alder Macgreagor. And you must be the policeman from the mainland. Aye, that’s right. Sergeant Howie, West Highland constabulary. I’m quite obviously not going to get back to the mainland tonight so I wondered if you had a room and a bite of supper I could have. Could you manage that? Aye, I think that can be arranged. My daughter Willow will show you to your room. Willow! Father? This is Sergeant Howie, a policeman from the mainland, who will be spending the night with us. This is my daughter, Willow. Good evening. Show the Sergeant to his room, would you? Much has been said of the strumpets of yore Of wenches and bawdy house queens by the score But I sing of a baggage that we all adore The landlord’s daughter

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