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Oh my god. I know. Oh my god. Honey I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, that’s so sad. So sad. I mean. I you this was I I feel guilty like for everything. And I don’t know No no no it’s not your fault sweetie. He sounds like a real loser. laughs You really spooked us. You can’t go around stealing people’s wallets. I know! I don’t do that. We’re not stealers. Not usually, no. No. You look like you need a hug. She does! I don’t want a hug, I don’t think Stanley, what are you doing? Can’t believe you. You take care, alright? Okay, we’ll do that sir. Two Dolly specials. Hot apple pie coming up next. Thank you Dolly. You girls take your time. It’s so good to see you. Yes. Don’t steal my salt shakers now hear? Oh, one time. You win. Well, I’m about ready for a nap. A nap? Mm hmm. I’m still like shaking, I’m like physically shaking. Um What? No. Please? No. No way. Please. I’m wrecked. No. Please? Please? Please? Please? I really hate the puppy face. I’ve never like the puppy Please please please please please. Go, please go. Really? Yes, go. Hooray! Today is the greatest day. Don’t fall. Sorry. Sorry. Hello. Welcome. Can I help you find something? I’m just browsing. Are you guys sisters? Yeah. She has great taste. I think I can help you find something. Do you need a fitting room? [Emma] Found it! I think these would work perfectly for you. Okay. Oh that is so your style. Thank you. Did you find some stuff? Yeah. Good. Let me know if I can help you. pensive music [Emma] Hey Mills! We doing okay in there? You know nothing puts a smile on your face like a nice new outfit. That’s so true. He really knows his stuff. Yeah let’s go. Are you okay? I’m fine. Don’t I look fine? I actually have a few more things to try on so Fantastic. I will meet you back at the car. Okay, one moment, I’m so sorry. Hey hey hey hey hey hey. What’s going on? What’s going on? Yeah. This is great, I am just having a fantastic time. I thought that you would want a chance to change out of my shorts and that this would be fun. Yeah. That’s, sure, right. You are acting like a crazy person. Well aren’t you just perfect? Millie, I just want to help you. Okay, I really do, and I’m kind of at a loss. I don’t know what you want from me so what do want from me, what? I just, stop, stop! I want you to leave me alone. Okay, I can do that. I’m gonna buy some clothes so I can keep some semblance of being a human being. Fantastic. Awesome, do you wanna go get some groceries? I can do that. Great, I know you can. Great, awesome. Are you going to buy that dress as well? You should. Thank you, yes. Hi, welcome. light music You find everything? Uh, yeah. I heard this is a good time. Yeah, it’s great. Hmm. Didn’t know we sold these. Milk. That’s a weird word if you say it enough times. Milk. Boy I never seen them all connected like that, that’s weird. buzzes Hey Jeff, can we get a price check on these tomatoes? There’s five of them. You know, I don’t want the tomatoes. You sure? Mm hmm. They’re in season, these are good too. That’s cool but I’m good. Actually, could you move a little faster?

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