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Yo, Drummer, you copy? Yes, sir. The medication will be helpful. It’s gonna take a lot more than that to get you through this. There’s no getting through this, sir, admit it. Gabe! Go back inside. Go back in side. But, Mommy, he’s here. I’ll come get you in a second. Go on. Why do they give a about me? They don’t give a about me, I don’t give a about them. Gabe. We can make this work. Come on, please. Nat! Where’s my kid? I’m not gonna talk to you if you don’t calm down. You’re not gonna what? I’m not gonna talk to you if you don’t calm down. I’m calm. Get my kid out here now. Gabe, keep your voice down, please. Nat, I wanna see my kid. I know what they’re doing with the kids in school. I wanna see my child. I want to see my kid now! I’m on the phone with the police ’cause you’re scaring our kid. Johnny! Stop. Calm the down. I wanna see my… Gabe, stop! Stop! I want to see my kid! I’m a United States Marine. I want to see my son! I know what’s happening to kids inside the school. I want to see my child! Jon is in trouble. Gabe, stop! Stop! Stop, Gabe! What’d you see, Drummer’? I need the police. My husbands got a gun and he’s going to my kid’s school. What’s over there? What do I do? Who are you? Answer the question. Gunshot Who are you? Charles, my name’s Charles. Hoorah. How did you get this envelope? It’s an envelope addressed to my kid. My envelope. I don’t know what you’re talking about! How did you get this? They’re not feelings, sir. They’re real. What happened in that room is real. What happened with my wife is real. Gabriel. Devin, I’m at the back entrance. I’m going in. Hey, pal. Hey, it’s Pop. You okay? Daddy. Yeah. I need you to be quiet. We’re gonna get out of this place now, all right? Okay? You trust me? Yeah. Yeah. I trust you. Come on, be a big boy now. Here we go. Up. Daddy. Daddy. Hold on. Dev, made contact. Coming out. Johnny! Back, back, back, back. All right, you’re okay. Come on. Johnny! Watch your footing. Gabe! Shooting in the house. He’s got my son. He’s got my son. What do I do? Police! Shots fired! Go back in! You’re okay. Okay. You’re okay. Come on, we’ll go over here. I’m going to go. Stay right there. You okay, buddy? Yeah. Whatever happens, you’ll be fine, you understand? Dev, come in, Dev. Dev! The thing, man. What’s wrong with you? I’m scared. Hey, no, you’re not. Huh? Okay? Yeah. It’s all right. Don’t cry. You’re gonna be fine. Okay? Yeah. You’re gonna be okay. I’m sorry. Johnny, you’ll be fine. Yeah. I got something for you, too. Here. Remember that’? Who’s that? It’s me and Mom. She’s your mom. She’s my everything. She’s your mom. That’s my everything. Yeah. That’s my everything. Jon, you’ll be fine. Be strong. I got you, son. Police! Come out! Go! Go! Go! What’s that? Gummy bears. Your favorite candy, right? That’s your favorite candy. Yeah. I remember. Is that your favorite candy, huh? Yeah. The red ones, right? Johnny’s favorite candy. Hmm? Yeah. You eat them red ones. I’ll be back in five seconds, okay? Say, “Yeah, Dad, I understand.” Yeah, Dad, I understand. Police, don’t move! Daddy! Daddy! Johnny, don’t look! Gabriel! How do you know my name? How do you know my name? Drummer, we got this. Check the last room. Okay. You okay? Yeah. Yeah. Huh’? Devin, team two here, Dev. Dev, are you tracking me? Dev! I’m in deep here. Do you copy? Dev, do you… . We’re okay. We’re okay. Yeah. I don’t even have the doctor’s number. Who are you? He’s here. He’s here. Who are you? Who are you? Stay right there, Jon. Who are you? It’s me. Who are you? Who are you talking to? It’s me. Mom. Shh. I know what you’re doing to the kids. My kid was with his mother. Where is she? Where is she? It’s me. You aren’t… Gabe. Where is she? Where’s my kid’s mother? Where is she? Where is she? Down. Get down, get down. Where’s my wife? Natalie Drummer is my wife. Where is she? Where is she? Gabriel. Where is she? No, Gabriel… Where is she? Where is she? I’m right here. Natalie Drummer, where is she? Gabriel, please. Where is she? Where is she? Where is my wife? Don’t. No, no, no. Don’t. voices shouting, gunfire They’re not feelings, sir. They’re real. The first emperor of China. His tomb was also raided by the Mojins. This piece is the greatest among the all. The Skeleton Mirror. “…tomb, very very good. Look who’s here! I would like to proudly present this gentleman, who is none other than the legendary Emperor Weiwu’s eighty-second generation of Mojin Xiaowei, the No.one of tombraiders Mr. Wang Kaixuan. Where is Mr. Hu? that bastard! Well… Come and see ! Come come! Come come! Look, look. This is the legendary Mojin Amulet, The signature of a real Mojin Xiaowei. Mr. Kai What’s going on? Come and sit here. Hello. I’m the Executive director of Global Mining Co, Mark. Miss Yoko is our president’s secretary. Our president Madam Ying Caihong is very interested in ancient Chinese culture. She rates highly of the skills of Mojin Xiaowei. And is expecting your assistance regardless of cost. No. If so, I’d say that at least five… …hundred thousand dollars. No problem. Let’s make it a deal.

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