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You get them mixed up. Okay, smart guy. So if the panda wasn’t hot, how come you were running? Well, because there was a vicious dog chasing me. Next question. agent How about you and I have a respectful conversation? Max grunts This is painful. How about we order in some lunch? Huh? Is this an interrogation or a first date? Fine. You want to see bad cop, I’ll show you bad cop. Well, I… Listen, a hint. Good cop, bad cop works a lot better with two people. What are you, the spinny Lego head guy? deep voice What do you know about it? Oh. All right, look. Oh! This is ludicrous. This moron is getting played. Here comes bad cop. Sparky? Ahh! Get the lights. You got it, Max. …cheese-flavored nacho till you tell me where that panda is! barking No, no, no, no, no. Don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. All right. growling Now we’re getting somewhere. Who are you working for and what’s the location of the panda? Sarge He’s shaking in his boots, Max. I got no names, no nothing. But I did overhear something about a show. Show him some teeth. What show? stammering A dog show. A dog show. Dog show? They said if the deal goes south, they’re gonna try and sell the panda. It’s working! barking The Canini Invitational. Keep it coming. It’s in Vegas. At Caesars, tomorrow night. That is all I know. All right. clears throat And scene. Good work, agent. What? Thanks, Chief. It makes sense. The Canini Invitational is the world’s most prestigious dog show. Celebrities, tech titans, huh? Chinese billionaires. Plenty of people with the cash to stock their own private zoos. So they’re using the dog show as a front for animal smuggling. All right. Well, get me on the next flight to Vegas. I’ll take care of the rest. Whoa. You can’t let this idiot take my case. They should send me. Tell ’em, Sarge. I’m on it, Max. howls You know what? I’m gonna need a new identity though if I wanna get access to that show. Who needs some “wuv” there? Oh, yeah. Sorry, Max. panting I tried. FBI director What if you were a contestant? A contestant? Oh, yeah, baby. FBI director Yeah.

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