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I will have tens of thousands at my coronation. The country will see as the rising sun. We will ask Parliament, Your Majesty. Huh, ask? I will not ask I am the anointed king of England. I have a divine right to rule, I will not “ask.” Only Parliament can grant you the money, Your Majesty. That is how things Radio .. that is how things are done in England. You know, the price I paid for this. Was it a boy or a girl? A girl. Then it could have been worse. The coronation may not be as grand as we had hoped. I saw her face. A taunt, disnatured torment, just like thee, and God showed mercy on a creature with such ugliness and snatched it away er the world could see it. Can Parliament be persuaded? We will write a speech to move mountains. You see ugliness, disfigurement, but I am every inch a King. A King of England and Scotland. Two great countries that have been at war with each other since time began are now united and at peace through me. Peace makers also with Spain. A war that each of you has has sanctioned, a war that emptied the coffers of this country, is now, through the wisdom invested in me, by Almighty God, seen to end. I have three children, Two of them male. I’ve provided you with a line of future Kings. Did the barren Elizabeth? Already, I have done more for this country than Elizabeth did during her entire reign. Am I to suffer the coronation of a pauper, while she had the funeral of an empress? Gentlemen, all those in favour with this submission say “aye” and those against say “No” Nay, nay! It was the phrase “the barren Elizabeth”, I did warn you warn you, Your Majesty. To hell with Parliament. You can turn this to your advantage, Your Majesty. Speak. There is plague in London. A king who loves his people, would not bring them together at a time of plague. Damn it! There is a plague London, woman! A king who loves his people does not bring them together at a time of plague! Not even for his own coronation! Three children are enough. You may take lovers now, but men I will not. Blast, men aren’t discreet. I thank you. Soon the war with, Spain will be over; soon we will be rich. And more men and arms are needed in France. More? Yes, Your Majesty. Spain has scored a great victory. Spain should sue for peace. Well they wish to sue for peace from a position of strength. That is diplomacy, Your Majesty. We cannot afford it. No, Your Majesty. What is this? The figures in the right hand column. What are these? You would be appalled. Tell me. Offended, disgusted. Tell me. They are fines paid by Catholics during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Is it much? Yes. But you have stopped the pursuit of Catholics, and therefor, of course, you have stopped that particular source of income. I have always acknowledged the Roman Catholic Church, to be the true Mother Church. I am not her enemy. There are certain failings and corruptions I would wish to put right but still, that does not make me, their enemy. Since I acceded to the throne however, there has been a marked increase in the numbers attending Roman Catholic services, This has come about because priests and Jesuits have taken advantage of my clemency and have gone about the country openly saying Mass. This should stop. Accordingly, I issue this proclamation of banishment on payment of death. Of all priests and Jesuits in this realm, I will force finds of up to pounds a month for all who persist in attending the Catholic Mass. I think that His Majesty has forgotten his promise! I think that Your Majesty has forgotten his promise! I think that Your Majesty forgotten his promise! Our day will come I think that Your Majesty forgotten his promise! Your Majesty forgotten his promise! Children are sobbing! That is indeed, unusual. It’s not hanging enough with these priests, must we also butcher them? Henceforth priests and Jesuit must be merely hanged, the butchery will cease. If only that was possible. Explain yourself. Your Majesty, we deal with fanatics. They welcome, death, martyrdom. We deal with religious fanatics. They welcome death, martyrdom, for it is their gateway to heaven. When death itself will not deter the process of death should do so, and it must be slow. So degrading, so agonizing that it, and it alone, would dissuade the would be martyrs. The butchery will continue. You and your children, may absent yourself. I thank you for that at least. Have you chosen yet, you lover? No. Then I will come to your bed tonight. To see men executed is Radio Radio .. English, Signora. Guy Fawkes! Fawkes, you fight for Spain? I fight for the Catholic faith. You admire Robert Catesby? I admire all men of courage. Whenever taken up the sword for their faith. A man may fight in other ways. You have fought? Yes. How? I have always spoken out Radio You’ve spoken out, Tom but what have you done? What have you actually done? We must take up arms. We’ll be slaughtered. So be it. Better to die than live on one’s knees. Francis! The Ladies miss your company. We will be in soon Margaret. I’ll tell them. Let me seek the help of Catholic Spain. No.. Spain’s sent ship after ship and not one Spaniard has landed on our coast. I’m not asking for Spaniards, I will ask them for money. If no money is forthcoming, return via Flanders, return with Guy Fawkes. Tomorrow I journey abroad. The King has resumed his persecution of Catholics. And this necessitates your journey abroad? It does. What do they intend? To take up arms. And you? We must leave this place. We must avoid these people like the plague. Look what we got, momma. Your Majesty! He would have killed you. He wished only to give me the flag of my dear country! A man named Guy Fawkes has entered the country. He is an assassin. This might have been he. She’s here, Fawkes. You are sir? This is Radio I’m John Johnson I trust this woman with my life! Do not trust her with mine. There are rooms, beneath, Parliament. Thomas Percy will rent one of these rooms. We will fill it with gunpowder. Fawkes will light the fuse and blow the King and his Parliament to hell when next they meet. There are Catholics in Parliament Radio scores of innocence.

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