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In a just and holy war the Church accepts that innocents will have to die. You will engulf innocent people in a Hugh ball of fire They will be martyrs. A man has the right to choose martyrdom, not have it thrust upon him. Then we will warn those who deserve to be warned. These are details. Details? Yes. What then? The king is dead. Parliament is no more. Chaos reigns. What then? We seize power. Huh, we four? When the time is ripe, You will recruit your brother Robert. He has men and horses. Other Catholics too have men and horses. We will raise an army, and with that army, we will restore order through chaos. Catholic order. You think of the great suffering that we cause. Yes. History will discount it. In a hundred years time people will look back and think not of the pain and death but only of our audacity. Fawkes The name Fawkes is known to Cecil and his men. Outside this room you will call me John Johnson. From now until the act itself, we must all abstain from alcohol. I will light the fuse. Fawkes will light the fuse. Whoever lights the fuse will be seen as central to the plot. It should not be a mere soldier. Fawkes will light the fuse. Do not you not trust me, Robert? I trust you Thomas. I trust Fawkes even more. Will you abstain from alcohol? No. You are with men who would sacrifice their lives for the Catholic faith. How dare you! You will not even give up alcohol. I have sacrificed more for the Catholic faith than you will ever know. Thomas Radio .will you abstain? Yes Women too, can loosen the tongue. Beware of them, and be aware of the informer. The informer will be close to you. Someone who claims to be an ardent Catholic, an enemy of the King. This person will mock you pious words and say, “What have you actually done?” Tell this person nothing, this person is an informant. I’m a Christian soldier at war with a corrupt Catholic Church. A fat Catholic priest sold my father a week off his time in purgatory. Sold it for a guinea, another guinea and he sold my mother a week off her time in purgatory On two guineas three weeks, Four guineas six weeks. My parents spent all the money they had in this world on peace and happiness in the next. And the fat Catholic priest bought with that money? Fine food, fine wine and a fine house and some fine horses. To hell with fat Catholic priests. Blood of Christ. Behold the example of Christ, Christ who was born and lived in poverty, who drove the money changers from the temple, fed the hungry, and tended the sick, and gave to the poor. Blood of Christ. The example of Christ shames them. The devil promote the Mother of Christ. They sell trinkets in her name. The mother of Christ who never bled as I bleed. The mother of Christ who never knew man, as I have known man. The mother of Christ who makes all womankind ashamed of their . To hell with her. I’m a Christian soldier, and behalf of my puritan faith, on behalf of all my , on behalf of my dear sweet parents, on behalf of Christ Almighty himself, I wage war on the corrupt Catholic Church. My Lord Cecil. My Lady. This room is smaller than the others I fear. I’ll take it. Number of barrels required? Four dozen. People say to me peace makers. Why deal in gunpowder, when peace beckons? Your reason for purchasing the gunpowder sir? To fight in Flanders for my King and country. Your name, sir? I fear it’s a requirement. Thomas Percy. Thomas Percy, Your Majesty. My armor, go. You know Thomas Percy, My Lord? Yeah, get away! I trust I have done Your Majesty some service. and I trust Your Majesty will remember me Radio . You will have your reward, I will see to that. Enough! Your Majesty. Thomas Percy. Thomas Percy visited me in Scotland he aaya Radio . He wished me to promise an end to the persecution of Catholics. and did you, Majesty? You must apprehend him. You protect yourself and neglect your wife and children Bring my wife armor! I will not wear armor! Then why did madam did you complain? I complain on behalf of our children. Your children complain well enough on their own, they never cease! You must apprehend him now. As your Majesty wishes He has gunpowder, enough for an army, a huge army. I could be shot at any moments. Apprehend him now! As Your Majesty wishes. Speak man! Should this plot widen, then you will have not one traitor, but all who follow him. We will hang them all, and confiscate their money and houses, bring untold wealth for your purse, and destroy forever the Catholics. Let it widen. Widen? The king is nervous. Tom Winter is not a complete fool. I can not ask him direct question. I’m sure there are things that might loosen his tongue. I’m not a whore, My Lord, and I do not do this for money. But it helps. Excuse me. it’s good to see you again Mister Radio Johnson. Johnson, forgive me. She sings well, does she not? Yes. You should lie down. You’ve uttered two words, you must be exhausted. I receive the blessed sacrament, taste the wine and it becomes the blood of Christ, and I can not stop. To keep my promise to abstain from alcohol I promise to abstain forever from the holy sacrament. Would you ask that of every Catholic man? You seem less fond of Catesby today. I do? Why is that? I’ve grown fond of someone else, perhaps. Who? I cannot believe it is I. Come. Fawkes told me to be wary of women. Fawkes is a fool. I wish to help you in your enterprise. It’s dangerous. So be it. What would you have me do? You cannot help us Margaret. For I am sworn to secrecy. You yourself is danger? Perhaps. Promise me you will not take on any super plods. I promise you that. There will be many men along side me. Many? Many. I will pray for your enterprise. then will pray for you safe return. And now we speak no more of it. Good powder. Tomorrow night we’ll take it up river. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening Fawkes. I’m not Fawkes, I’m Johnson. Forgive me. He’s not Fawkes, he’s Johnson. Yes. He’s not Fawkes he’s Johnson. Tom what’s wrong? He not Fawkes he’s Johnson! You frightened me. Where have you been? I’ve been walking. In such weather? Yes. Want to whispered sweet nothings in your ear? Did you bathe when I left?

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