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Whoo! That’s so not okay. Gauges green; airspeed alive. Whoo! knots. rotate. Whoo! After takeoff checks: Fuel pumps off; Beautiful, isn’t it? Wow, Sara, this is amazing. Oh. Seriously? Dude, that was disgusting. If you puke in here, you are sleeping alone tonight. That’s an empty threat. This is what happens when you drink and fly, kids. I don’t recommend it. Do you? Yankee Zulu X-ray, Harrisford VOR. Out of , for , enroute to Green Lake. Yankee Zulu X-ray, squad and ident, cleared ,. Yankee Zulu X-ray, squad , cleared ,. Yankee Zulu X-ray, you’re radar identified. Greenlight altimeter is two niner eight niner. Yankee Zulu X-ray, roger. What’s happening? I just told them who we are and what we want to do and they assigned us a new transponder code so that radar can identify us. It’s all routine. There’s nothing to worry about. So, Sara, what’s with you taking the train to McGill? It was my dad’s idea. He thought I could see more of the country that way. You still need a ride at the asscrack of dawn? No, it’s okay. I’ve got it covered. Um, actually my dad really wanted to see me off, so I told him he could drive. Whatever. Just let me know. Yeah, but I thought that never mind. Someone take this. Take it. Oh great. This thing always goes out of tune. Tune it up. What are you doing? Filming you. I can see that. All right. So you gonna shoot that video for my band or what? That depends. Do I still get final cut? You can have whatever you want as long as it got hos in it. Classy, I like it. Speaking of hos, how’s the love life? Ooh, getting a little personal, don’t you think? Come on, you can tell me. Anybody special? There might be. It’s a dude. Oh yeah? Anybody we know? Um, I better not say. Why not? She’s got a boyfriend. Funny guy. Shouldn’t you keep your hands on the wheel? It’s okay, that’s what the rudder pedals are for. You forget something? No. I’m just making sure my gift’s not getting crushed. You brought it? Of course. What gift? Just a little something. Oh yeah? What’d you get him, a personality or something?

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