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We’re not gonna back down. We’re gonna hold firm. What, no good mornings, no hellos? Dad? What’s going on? You’re giving out mil in bonuses? I am. In December? We’ve had a very strong year. The year’s not over. We don’t know where we’re gonna land. I wanna reward people. I want them to feel good about the work they’ve done here. There’s a reason that the bonuses go out in February, .especially in this climate. You’re not hearing me. It’s important that people can take care of their families. Isn’t it better to play it safe? Hang on to any windfall just in case? I’m paying out the bonuses now. MARK: But that’s crazy. It doesn’t make any sense. Peter. Bernie, come on. This isn’t a debate. I’m paying out the bonuses now. I’m taking care of everybody. Dad, are you all right? What’s going on with you? I’m okay. Okay, are you sure? PETER: Bernie, just tell them. ANDY: Tell us what? What is it, Dad? What’s going on? ANDY: What is it, Dad? I have to talk to you. MARK: You can. You know you can. I know. fish bowl here. fish bowl. Huh? Everybody can see everything in here. How come we never got blinds? (LINE RINGING) WOMAN: Hello? BERNIE: Hello, Ruth. Hi. The boys and I are heading home. RUTH: Why? BERNIE: I have to talk to you all. RUTH: Oh, okay. Yeah, we’ll be home soon. RUTH: All right. (HORNS HONKING) Is it your health? No. (ELEVATOR BEEPING) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Let’s go in the study downstairs. (DOOR CLOSES) BERNIE: There’s no way to.to say it. None of it is real. It’s all one big lie. What is? The advisory. It’s a fraud. There are no investments. What are you talking about? Of course there are investments. I made them up. They’re on every statement. I ma.I made them up. I’ve seen the trades. They’re fake. It’s all fake. Basically, just a big Ponzi scheme. What’s a Ponzi scheme? I took money from some people. I gave it to others and I never. .there’s nothing left. There’s supposed to be billion. There’s absolutely nothing. It’s all gone. I spoke to Peter. .I told him I’m gonna turn myself in next week. (SCOFFS) How could you do this? I just couldn’t stop. MARK: Bullshit. It got bigger and bigger and it just wouldn’t stop. Bullshit. I didn’t mean for it to get like this. No, no, no, no. You can’t do this. I’m your son. Dad. Dad, how could you do this? I’m gonna set you guys up. Yeah. It’s.it’s all gonna be okay. There’s still a few hundred million left. I’m gonna. I’m gonna make sure. .that you guys are all taken care of, .the rest of the family, some loyal employees. It’s all gonna be good. I just need a week. (ANDY BREATHING HEAVILY) Set us up with what? (ECHOING) With stolen money? MARK: He’s a criminal. He’s gonna spend his life in jail. ANDY: Dad, how could you do this? MARK: You’re not my father. I explained to them that it wasn’t malicious, .that when I started this problem. .or this crime. .that is was something that I thought I would be able to work my way out of. But that became impossible. The harder I tried, the deeper I dug myself into a hole. But it comes down to one thing. I refused to accept the fact,

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