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That was me arse, not me trainers. AUDIENCE LAUGHS You see, there’s one of my friends down there. What is wrong with you, MAN? AUDIENCE LAUGHS But one of my friends is very lonely. AUDIENCE REACTS AUDIENCE LAUGHS FARTING PLOP! SQUEAKY FART RASPBERRY-TYPE FART OH, NO! I know exactly what LAUGHS KEITH LAUGHS Oh! You animal! AUDIENCE LAUGHS Chris Ramsey, left The Circle! No point for your team! It’s on me pants. Next up to enter The Circle is Ed Sheeran. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Careful. Be careful, it’s a bit slippy. What have you done, man? Straight into The Circle, no fear, at all. OK. All you’ve got to do to win a point for your team, Ed, is stay in The Circle. It’s pretty easy. Feeling confident? LAUGHS No, it’s easy, man. It’s easy. It’s easy. Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna get in The Circle with you. All right. JAMES BLUNT: You’re Beautiful ALL LAUGH SCREAMING AND CHEERING SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND APPLAUDS I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. RAMSEY: That was brilliant! He’s broke me jewellery. LAUGHTER I’ve got something very special for you. Tonight, for one night only, we’ve not got one Ed Sheeran, but we have invited some tribute acts. Oh, no, you haven’t, you BLEEP . We have invited some tribute acts. LAUGHING I know So, please welcome Ed Sheeran tribute band wearing no clothes ED SHEERAN: Thinking Out Loud AUDIENCE LAUGHS LAUGHTER How much How much did they pay you? Nothing. That’s the first Ed Sheeran tribute act. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Here’s the second one. ‘THINKING OUT LOUD’ CONTINUES PLAYING “Wa-hey! Wa-hey. “Lordy. Come on, let’s go, son. KEITH LAUGHS AUDIENCE CHEERING ALL SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY Oh, my OH! LAUGHS ‘THINKING OUT LOUD’ CONTINUES PLAYING Eh? OK. Thanks. Why don’t you all get in The Circle? Oh! OK. OK. ALL LAUGH He’s still in The Circle, everyone. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS CHEERING DROWNS OUT SPEECH And the scores at the end of that round are sha-ting! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS ‘THINKING OUT LOUD’

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