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It’s all very fine, but I’d like to make a few changes. From now on there will sit several Indians of all faiths at the table. Their culinary needs must be met. Many of them eat with your fingers. Very well, if it is the custom. Many Indians are vegetarians. No mutton, chicken or game. I’ve wasted my life to learn their kitchen. Is there something wrong? He said, Your Excellency Radio It is great that they will be more open. We have waited a long time. I appreciate your understanding and your skill. I have to meet governors’ wives. You are a bad example. I wish I could talk to them. Try to say this. Viceroy or his family has never visited the personnel area before. The houses appear small for a whole family. Where do you live, Aalia? Over there with my father. Have you gone to school? I grew up in Amritsar. I went to a private school, but then we were hit by accident. My father lost his sight, so now I am working. It must be very hard. No. The work makes me feel independent. It says my mother too. She first found themselves through work. She is tireless. I saw her barely during the war. Welcome to my son’s engagement party. You know my son Sanjit. Welcome. Have you met his future wife? Sunita. We have not been presented, but it is a pleasure. Congratulations. Hello. I hope you remember me. My name is Jeet Kumar. Jeet Kumar. The little policeman. Barely old enough to lace up his shoes. Sit down. Nice to meet you again, Jeet Kumar. You used to read Dickens for me. Ja. David Copperfield og Bleak House. What brings you to Delhi? I have great expectations. I work for Mountbatten. Aalia, I never thought you came. I was with Lady Pamela. She has many questions. She is interested and will improve the school. Are not you married yet? The girl you used to talk about, she changed her mind? No, but I still hope. Far. Aalia, kan du huske Jeet Kumar? Yes, father. My daughter is still unmarried. But her young husband, Asif, coming back soon. He has been in Europe and fought in the British Army. When he returns home, they should get married. It was Aalias mother’s last wish. She chose a good man for you. Yes, father. We have to go now. The time many. Come on, I follow you home. Stay here with your friends. Goodbye. Goodbye, Jeet Kumar. Jeet. I lost sight of the prison. I could have lost my dignity. It made you not happened. I’m grateful for. I will always be grateful for your care for my father. There you are. Let’s show them how we do in Punjab. Come on! What can happen on dancing? She will not dance. You should last you. He did not do anything. You will dance with your own. My own? Show a little respect. Skal in Muslim bestemme over you? Come here. Shake hands. Play on. It is three o’clock at night. Come to bed. Family tree can wait. Edwina, I was not Radio I’m about to read Governor ‘reports. It is extremely uncomfortable. A migraine lurking. Did you take a pill? They do not work. Nothing works. Jenkins’ report on Punjab is the worst. The more I find out, the more depressing it. Our timetable for pulling us out does not hold. We must act quickly. Dickie Radio It takes time. The longer we stay, the more violence. We can not keep the peace. Do not rush. Seriously. That’s why you suck at chess. Pug believe Pakistan is inevitable. He thinks I should meet with Jinnah. Nehru has offered you something very valuable. Friendship. Talk to him first. We will find the best solution. Congress party will not share India. It would defy everything we have strived and crush Gandhijis heart. How do we maintain peace? I want us to travel. How can we do that when I can not agree? Blame For us the situation here? No, but we must avoid civil war. It is the result of the British policy. I have done everything to create hatred between our various groups. Segregated schools, textbooks and choice. It has always been your policy. Divide and rule. Now that you have divided us, I will come up with a solution? Without peace disappears all other dreams and turn into ashes. You said that the alternative to common existence is joint destruction. I would ask you to convey a message.

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