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CONTINUES PLAYING Ed, why don’t you lead to break? Hi, I’m Ed. Break, BLEEP . ALL LAUGH Coming up after the break OK, I’m gonna transport your heads onto a different person’s body now! Prrrr-ping! AUDIENCE LAUGHS AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS HURRAH! AUDIENCE CHEERS Welcome back to Celebrity Juice. Having a good time? AUDIENCE CHEERS YEAH! They’re having a good time. ‘Ere, Ed, do you like superheroes? Yeah. Do you like the Incredible Hulk? No really. AUDIENCE LAUGHS Say that you like the Incredible Hulk. I love the Incredible Hulk. Say that you’d like to put your head through his arsehole. AUDIENCE LAUGHS I’d love to put my head in the Incredible Hulk’s arsehole. Then let’s play ALL LAUGH, AUDIENCE CHEERS First up to play is none other than Chris Kamara! Whoo! CHEERING AND WHISTLING OK, you’ve got your head in there. How you doing? I’m good. Are you living the dream being inside the Incredible Hulk’s arsehole? LAUGHS OK, Chris, I’m gonna transport your head onto another celebrity’s body. Now! Shiprr-bing! AUDIENCE LAUGHS Right, ask your team questions. You can only answer yes or no. Ask us questions we can only answer yes or no. ASK THEM QUESTIONS! SHOUTING DROWNS OUT SPEECH “NOW! Jesus. NADIA: Go! “Now! Am I an actor? “No. Am I a politician? “No. No. Am I a sportsman? Yes. YES! CHEERING Am I the best footballer on the planet? YES! Yes. “Yes, you are. Yes. Lionel Messi. “No. AUDIENCE LAUGHS NO! “Have a bit more faith in yourself. You’re the best footballer on the planet! Cristiano Ronaldo! hell! AUDIENCE LAUGHS APPLAUSE DROWNS OUT SPEECH “When we said you were the best “footballer, we were being nice. LAUGHS ..Trying to be nice? BOTH: Yes. Oh, is it to do with me? Yeah. “Yes! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Oh, I’m me! YES! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Oh, bless you, man. Brilliant. “It was you in your Portsmouth gear. Oh. Next up to play, it’s Fearne and Nadia. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS FEARNE’S TEAM ALL SPEAK AT SAME TIME “LOUIS: You’ll do good. OK, I’m gonna transport your heads onto a different person’s body now.

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