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SPEAKER : I doubt they all died. SPEAKER : Well, how did they SPEAKER : They’ve could have transferred them to another mental institute. SPEAKER : OK. INTERVIEWER: What do you think of them turning it into a place like Spookers? SPEAKER : I think it’s a really smart idea. SPEAKER : Yeah. SPEAKER : Really smart. SPEAKER : Because there’s already, like, those, not rumours but there’s already like that sort of rumour thing going about, like, oh, yeah, it’s haunted sort of thing. But, like, to have the experience of actually going in there and being scared by, like, everyday people, you kind of get SPEAKER : You think it is haunted. SPEAKER : Yeah. SPEAKER : Yeah. SPEAKER : Like, for all we know it could be. But, like, for the people who are like, it’s not haunted, sort of thing, they’re still getting that, like, still getting scared by it, sort of thing. Yeah. I think it’s a really smart idea. SPEAKER : Yeah. SPEAKER : That was the basis. SPEAKER : Whoever came up with the idea, well done. SPEAKER : Genius. SPEAKER : Well done. JULIA: We, you know, we did really have to hum and ha of, you know, should we be here when we knew, you know, obviously we found out very quickly it was the old psychiatric hospital, and we really did think long and hard about it. BETH: Whether it was appropriate. JULIA: Yeah and I think you’ll find a lot of the nurses and things that used to be here, they actually just like that something is being done with the site and that, you know, there’s areas of it that are being looked after. And people are happy to come to work here and things like that. Yeah. EMMA: I’m an incubator, so the character kind of is a nurse who has, like, babies in incubators, which is a bit crazy. So, that’s what I’m trying to go for like, the crazy nurse thing. INTERVIEWER: Do you know much about the nurses that used to live here? EMMA: No. I’d like to though. It’s an interesting subject. Creepy. MARY: I used to live in that room just up there. It had its own little access down to a bathroom. It was pretty cool. I was really pleased that it was being put to some decent use, you know. And I thought it was sort of appropriate that they’d picked sort of a remote place that had sort of some history like that. But in other ways, we’re trying to de-stigmatise mental health and here they are sticking up these homicidal killers in an old mental health institution. You know. THUNDER SCREAMING SPEAKER: Can you let me out? INTERVIEWER: And what was the character that you were playing in the jail cell? SPEAKER: Just like a crazy person who got locked up there for eating their, like, friend and killing them and stuff. Yeah. You know, I just didn’t want to be there. I like doing it, that’s for sure, but, it kind of scares me knowing that people Like, the old people that used to be here, part of the hospital, would act like that and it’s like making fun of them. But, you know, if they were actually here, as ghosts, ghosts, then they’d probably be like, “Why is she acting crazy?” Yeah. DEBORAH: It’s interesting to have a maze, a physical maze here.

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