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She understands that you are my family. She’s Online Radio Australia happy, just knowing I’m alive. I found her, but that doesn’t change who you are. I love you mum Online Radio Australia Pay him right now. I can bring the money over to your shop today. Tomorrow is fine with me, Miss. Hey Suresh! Come here. You fool! Playing with guns? Let’s go. Hey Kiran! Slowly Online Radio Australia Slowly Online Radio Australia Hey! Have some bread. I v\/ill hold the hen. Don’t worry. She’s safe with me. It’s the last hen our mother raised. We should hide her from everybody. Hey Prakash! Come on, let’s play. Prakash! Come here. What happens if father finds out about it? I’ll tell him that I bought the hen. Let’s hide her. Where? Dear students! You are not getting a good education here! It must be stopped. We need a new educational system. Dear students, parents and teachers! We believe that we all should collaborate for a successful revolution. There’s a huge gap between the poor and the privileged. We want to close this gap and benefit the poor. Many martyrs have shed blood. Let it not be in vain. The good days are not far. Thank you so much! Red Salute! Thank you Commander! I should get going. Bijuli, are you coming? And you, brewer Kwan’? Let’s go home. I’ll come later. Come soon. Okay. Uzhyale, Miss! Shall I walk you home? Thank you Sir Chandra. I’ll walk by myself. Sister Bijuli, let’s go home. No, it’s interesting. Let’s stay. Let’s leave now. I’m hungry. Wait a moment. Dear village! During the Dasha/n festival, we are showing Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhafs new film Saathi. The ticket is only Rs. . Rise up from each village Rise up from each settlement So that we can change The face of our country Kids, save your money for the film. Come to the village soon to fix a date for your wedding. Kiran! Yes. Surbir wants to talk to his fiancée, your sister Uzhyale. Okay. Where have you been all day? Watching the Cultural program. Does it do you any good? Did they pay you? Be careful of Maoists, servant. They’re a threat to children. Don’t let your daughter attend such events! Salutations to the Profound Nepalese, Powerful God of the land May glory crown forever His Majesty Government the King May the almighty bless you May the subjects increase Let every Nepalese wish with joy You lost Kiran. I knew you’d lose. Come on Suresh. Once a loser Online Radio Australia Suresh has won this film poster. They cheated. Next time, I’ll v\/in. I know you will, for sure. Hello sister Online Radio Australia Why didn’t I see you at school? Come with me I’ll show you something special. Please tell me, sister. I have a surprise for you at home. Let’s go. Sister! Hovv should we name this hen? It is yours. So you choose the name. Hovv about “Karishma”? Like the actress. That’s a good name. Karishma will lay eggs, hatch chicks, we will sell them at the market and use the money for school. Good. Sister! Yes. Will you take her when you get married? No, she’s yours forever. That’s great! See! Where did you get this hen? I bought it with my scholarship money. That money isn’t there to buy the hen. Don’t you need to study? I wonder what’s going on in your head. You are not studying nowadays. Your mind is elsewhere! Serve the bread now. What’s wrong? My dearest granddaughter is missing. She hasn’t come home. I heard she was with Bijuli yesterday. Don’t worry! I have already sent people to inform the police. I am sure our children will be back in a few days. Maoists have already taken from Tuma village, from Dhuma village and from our village including Bijuli. All together, kids. Don’t worry! They kicked me because of my announcement. Sons of donkeys! They should be killed. You Radio Online, don’t disturb him. He’s studying. Prakash, what’s up? Let’s sell the egg and see the film. Kiran, get your butt inside. Ever seen an egg this big before? Wow! Sure you want to sell it? No, but maybe we’ll buy film tickets. Prakash Nepali, you have a phone call. What is it? I have a phone call. Can I leave? Ok! Come right back. Okay. Prakash! Pick it up. Hello! Sister Bijuli! Where are you? I’m fine! When will you come back? During the Dashain festival? Ok! You know, yesterday Karishma laid an egg. Father is angry but don’t worry. Hey son! Is that Bijuli? Give me the phone! Hovv could you leave the house and your brother? Hello! Hello Online Radio Australia What’s wrong with the phone? It’s beeping. Hello! Hello Online Radio Australia Hey! What are you doing? Take that hen outside. Don’t make me slap you. Bring me the plates. Son, go to sleep after you eat. Oh my God! Look at your Karishma. That’s not mine. Let’s go check. Father! Where is my Karishma? What Karishma? My hen. How would I knovW You’re the one who plays with it. It must be somewhere around, or someone has taken it. Were you blind when someone took the hen? What are you saying? Get out of here. Disrespectful son! Hey boys! What are you doing? Trying to rob me? Hovv can you steal my hen? You should be ashamed. I bought it from your father to feed my pregnant daughter. I have paid R. But grandpa! This is Prakash’s favourite hen. Please! Give it back. Your father sold it to me. You don’t know my father. He sold this hen because it clucks at night. That’s a bad omen. Whatever! I’m not giving it back. But I’ll sell it to you, because I like your honesty. You have to pay me. We don’t have the money right now. Then I won’t give you the hen. Keep this R for now. The rest within days. No, not days. Bring it in days and I will give you back the hen. We promise. Ok. Ok. My sister and I, we’re raising this hen to pay our studies. Grandpa, Wait! Why? Why wait? What’s your name? Tenzing. What’s the name of your village? Kimri. Don’t forget your promise. Now, you’ll need to do all the work alone, without your daughter. Hovv will you manage? Your daughter has put you to shame. What can I do? Father! Why did you sell my hen? I’ll tell Bijuli when she gets back. Give me the money to get it back. Get out of here, before I break your legs. Hey, get going, both of you. It’ll be dark soon, you haven’t finished the job. Father, please give me the money.

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