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Did you wash me away? Did you say to yourself, ‘Stay with him it’s the price I have to pay for the words he utters.” Where did you money from, Margaret? You know where I get my money. Your Aunt? Yes. An aunt whom have never met. Do you a spy for Lord Cecil? How dare you! I said Fawkes told me to be wary of women. You did not say “Who is Fawkes ” you said “Fawkes is a fool” Yes! How do you know Fawkes? I’ve spoken with Radio . How do you know his name? Fawkes told me his name! When? Only days ago. You, have not heard the name Fawkes from me or any of my colleagues. Therefor you have heard it from Cecil, or one of his spies. I believe I heard those words from the man that I’ve grown to love. I love being with you. I will do anything you ask of me, anything, anything. A spy and a whore ! With women such as thee, virility, it’s weakness, impotence is strange! I will bring the King to the Palace of Westminster. Assemble four dozen armed men there. Whenever the King leaves the safety of the palace he is to be surrounded by guards. Close up the house! It is she. We will move you to the Palace at Westminster, Your Majesty, You’ll be safe there. You no longer have a spy in their camp. We know who they are, Your Majesty. Fawkes, Catesby, Percy, Winter. They will be followed night and day. If their bowls move Radio . You will know it! Did you know they would murder your spy? I beseech, Your Majesty, show a fraction of the courage that your mother did when she laid her head upon the block. If you cannot muster that courage, she died in vain. You will be forever a pauper King. You blame me, Lord Cecil, I am an instrument in your hands I serve you, Your Majesty. Did Elizabeth a threat such as this? She did. How did you protect her? We had a double, a woman who seemed her mirror image. It was she who walked amongst the people. But in your case, Your Majesty, that would be Radio .. Impossible! Difficult. Let the plot widen. We will apprehend them now! I care not for my safety, I care less for yours, but I will not endanger the lives of my children! Your children! It would be cheaper to fight a war with Spain, than it is to provide for the needs of you, and your children madam! To bear those children I had suffer you in my bed. I was fearful enough, must I now endure assassins at my gate? Move! Let the plot widen. My family and I, have moved into these premises because of security. Your job must be to protect and every entrance. Repel any attack, any attack! Must, must repel, any attack, for as long as it takes. As long as it takes! When their reinforcements arrive, repel them all. This is a map of the Palace of Westminster. For the King of Denmark loved his country. He loved rich brown soil that fed the valley, oats and rye, the potatoes and beets that grow within it. Thick green grass that fattened the cattle, and the fruit trees and the forests with the wind blowing through the pines trees. And the needles dropping and carpeting the ground, and gulls, hanging and swooping above the sea. Below, salmon and natural oysters. Who were these things without care for? How your grandfather loved Denmark. For we intend to blow the King and his Parliament to Hell when next they meet. Damn you! If you do not wish to join us I have no option but to join with you. The other option is to betray you, my own brother, that is no option at all. Do you think the King will understand when I say I knew of this plot and said nothing of it because I did not want to betray my brother? No Tom, I am to hang when you are hanged. You came to me because I have horses and wealth. I have them still, despite years of persecution. I have labored and protected all that I own so that I may pass it onto my children. Now it is all in vain for they will be branded traitors. My children will be penniless. You know nothing of this plot, we have never spoken. Look around around fool! The man by the window followed you in, others still hear us. The King will know that I know of this plot. I was doomed as soon as you spoke. Thomas! What would this achieve? You’d do it for our faith but our faith will be branded evil because of this. The King will seize his chance and persecute us all. No sir! No sir? Do you follow me? No, I do not follow you. If you follow me, follow me close, damn it. Enough! Follow me close! Enough! Go sir! I am your brother. I am with you to the bitter. Parliament must meet. I accept that. Does the King? He does not. If doesn’t announce a date for the opening of Parliament, then we will simply meet without his permission. Informally? Formally. That will create a schism between King and Parliament. Absolutely it. He will hang you. Then he will hang himself. Threaten to meet informally, that will be threat enough. The king will announce a date. And you will see to that? Yes. And I have your word? You wish to see me Peers? Parliament wishes to meet, Your Majesty. Does it now? If I refuse? That would be provocative. I am a king! I do not give a damn whom I provoke! The th. of November. I thank you, Your Majesty Go. Your Majesty. You cannot serve two masters, Lord Cecil.

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