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Madam, what happened to you? ! Madam Radio madam Radio You’ve killed a person Radio Hurry! Quick! What happened to these two people? All people in the station, please be calm! If you don’t stay calm, I’ll call the police. I repeat. Don’t make noises! Go! Run! Help! What happened? Help us! We’re almost killed! What happens to you? You fought? No, no fighting Radio Everyone has become crazy! Look at you! What a stench! Get the hell out of here! Listen to me! Where do you think you are? Get them out! Yes sir. Out! Out! Jin-young! Jin-young! What are Radio these people? Sir, what happened to them? Oh my god! They just cannot stay Radio What, these people? Go find out, idiot. Calm yourself and follow me! Come on! Move your ass! Hit him! On the head! A little more, catch my hand! What’s this, holy ? Call Hye-sun! Call her now! No answer! Her phone is dead! ! Let’s go to the car, for now! Raise your ass! Over there! Calm yourself! Come to your senses! Look over there! Compose yourself and look! Do you see the car? Descend through this roof, and draw them into the alley. No, I can’t! Listen well, you asshole! Attract their attention by shouting. Attract them. I’ll take the car and run to the main street. You run through the alley to there. I’ll meet you there, understand? No, I’ll get myself killed! We have no choice. Otherwise we both will be dead! Pity Radio What are these people? This is the post of Seoul Train Station! The homeless are attacking other people! There are many victims! Requesting arm force backup! I repeat. The homeless have become lunatic. There are many victims, many victims! Hey! We have nothing to do with that! These monsters suddenly attacked us! Don’t move, asshole! Son of a Radio Don’t move! Sir, I’m not a homeless person! Help me, please. You whore! I beg you, help me! ! Don’t move, or I’ll take you down! Dirty monsters, I’ll kill you all! Have attention! Jump! Hey! Go ahead! Continue, stupid! OK, OK. Don’t stop! Dumbass! Look where you’re going! Are you blind? You owe me an apology! Hey, boy! Come back here! What a stupid ass Radio Damn! ! Damn it! Main street! Where is it? ! Hop on! Quick! Quick, sir! Go on! Jin-young! Are you OK? Hey! Jin-young! Jin-young Radio They can return to life? Don’t move! Not a gesture, you bastards Radio Don’t come nearer! Dirty sons of es! Die, asshole! Die! Die! The gun Radio The gun? Give it to me! Say, mister, you won’t kill me? Give me that! bullets Radio That’s it! We’ll be all dead! Ki-woong Radio I am in trouble Radio I am in trouble Radio What should I do? Ki-woong Radio Hey, are you OK? What was this thing? If you’ve lived on the streets, you must have been through many things. Calm yourself. Have you ever seen something like that? First let’s find Hye-sun, OK? Don’t worry. That’s it! It’s the end Radio It hurts Radio What’s here, holy !? In here! Save us, please! What happened? Where do you come from? Have you been inside? You are not injured? Go in there! Come on! Let’s go! Mister, mister! Are you OK? Are you injured? What happened? Madness! They’ve all became mad! These sick people, suddenly Radio It’s OK, sir. Calm yourself. Breathe. Lie down, and keep calm. Here. OK. Breathe. Very well. Relax. Is that your blood? Missed calls: Ki-woong Hye-sun! Ki-woong! I’m in a mess! Where are you? It’s the chaos everywhere. Your dad is looking for you all over! What? My dad? Yes, I’m with him now. Where are you? I’ll come to get you. I’m in an ambulance, on the way to hospital. Hospital? OK, we’ll go there. Don’t turn off your cell phone, understand? Sir, Hye-sun just called! What? Where is she? Hop on! What happens? Sick people, everywhere Radio Pardon? We’re bombarded with calls of victims being bitten. We are in a critical situation. I don’t know if we can handle more emergency calls. Where are those bitten people? They are in the emergency room. They must be over-crowded, I really don’t want to join them. Stop! Stop this vehicle! Stop right now! Why? Because they will transform! Stop immediately! We must not go there! Sir, please be calm! Don’t be upset!

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