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something! I will get a job next month, OK? How? You know my pal, the guy with a tattoo? He works as a bouncer for the club with a dome at the Korean House. He can hire me. We can be happy, Hye-sun, please! No way! I won’t do it anymore! Never! What are you talking about, damn it? Your body is made of sugar or not? It melts when being kissed? Answer me. Do not hit me, asshole. You think you’re strong! No need to go back tonight. Wait Radio You want me to say it? You ran away from home and lived on the street. I’ve taken you in, given you love and hope. And you don’t even want to help me? Hye-sun, you and me, we’re done! What a selfish ! Radio Hey Radio I don’t want to see you again. Ki-woong! Hey! Dad Radio I’m sorry Radio Mr. Hong What again? Radio Hello? Suk-kyu. Can you talk? How are you? Is it better? Speak. I don’t know if I should tell you Radio Go to the point. I found a girl on the Internet who could be Hye-sun. What? You want to have fun? Do it with my photo. What’s that? That’s her? That’s Hye-sun, isn’t it? But how Radio Looks like she sells her services, isn’t it? How can I reach her? Hey, calm down. Hello? Calm down, Suk-kyu. That’s bad, very bad! My boy, go away! Go away! It’s bad, it’s awful! Awful indeed. It’s you that looks awful. Go away! No, that’s not it. My friend bleeds a lot from the neck. If he’s injured, go help treat him. Get out! I say the truth! Get out! We’ll close soon! Get out! It’s bad Radio Hurry up! This fool came to see me, and said: “Are you the person in charge here?” Where is he from? I don’t care, drink. Pharmacy of Seoul Station Excuse-me Radio It’s closed. Go away. I Radio I would like to buy some pain killers. I have money, I don’t lie to you! That’s true Radio Wait a minute. Thank you! Energy D Here. I’m sorry, but Radio I don’t have enough on me. Could you sell me just a few tablets? Radio And a bottle of Energy D. I can’t believe it Radio ! Hold on, it’s bad, really bad Radio You must drink this, OK? Hey? Hey! My friend is dead! He’s dead! The economy is bad, forget real estate. Sir! Sir! My friend is dead! He’s dead because you didn’t want to listen to me! Let’s take a look. OK. Where is he? There’s nobody here. I’m not in the mood for a joke! Strange Radio There’s nothing strange here. Where has he gone? He lied there, dead, just one minute ago. What a waste of time, in this heat! What annoyances, these homeless! Let’s go have some cold noodles. You already ate that. Good evening, sir! Sorry I’m late. It’s you who called me earlier, right? I have to apologize, she’s a little late, you know, with her popularity. There’s a motel nearby, please wait there. Son of a ! Where is Hye-sun? Who Radio Who are you? I’m her father! Father? Daddy? Eh-ho? Brother? Where did you go? Old man? Damn it Radio Old man! Hey! Hey, brother. There you are? How do you feel? What are you doing here? Ki-woong Son of a ! She does not pick up. Why not? If we don’t find her tonight, you’re dead. Understand? Because she doesn’t have any money, she’ll have to return to the inn. Maybe she’s there already, that’s her typical way. Is it far? We’re almost there. Here, enter the alley. Ah yes. All cars stop here. From here, we walk. Sir, I have to tell you Radio What? If I wasn’t there, she would be dead by now. I was like her guardian angel Radio Motherer! What right does that gives you, bastard? Be happy that I don’t break your neck right now! If anything happens to my daughter, I’ll break your legs. Is that clear? Yes, that’s clear. Release me, please! You son of a ! I’m almost dead Radio Quick! Country Inn Ma’am! What’s the matter with you? People here are like that. Don’t be surprised. Holy hole! Radio Stop! Quick delivery service, how nice! Hye-sun! Hye-sun? Not yet returned. She hasn’t returned yet. She should be here soon. Do you like to enter? She lived in this rat hole? Sir, help me! What’s this madness? What happened? What’s that? What Radio Is there something to use as a weapon here? Anything? I don’t have any weapons Radio A weapon, a weapon! Damn! , who’s that? Don’t open!

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