Ice Cream Sundays

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You will be one thing. The true thing that you are. Jane . No, don’t worry about her. I know about you two, but I’m not angry. That was in the past. But now, we must look to your future. Brilliant work. Brilliant work, Robert. Okay, Magrew. SHERIFF: Cut out the hide-and-seek. If I gotta dig you out like a tick, it’s gonna be worse for ya. Let’s go. Where are you, Magrew? Magrew? I’m over here. Well, well, well. Looky here. We got a little something to talk about. Like what happened to Joey Carp the other night. What do you bet I take a look around, I might find something incriminating? Oh, come on. You’re not gonna make me come and get you? Kill them. Ahhh! (BONES CRACKING) (YELLING LOUDLY) (CHOKING) Oh! (YELLING) (DRILLING) (STRUGGLING) Ah! (SCREAMING LOUDLY) (LAUGHING) Ahhh! (SCREAMING CONTINUES) (THUNDER RUMBLING) CLERK: Well, I don’t know what to tell you, lady. Do you want to check the manifest? Like I say, if we got, we ain’t got no reason to keep. Don’t make no money that way. I just don’t understand, my father was sure it would be here. Thomas Berke Rarities? Well, I would certainly be the last person to say it ain’t so, but it ain’t so. (THUNDER RUMBLING) You may be the first of a new race of beings. A superior race. You may not understand what I’m doing, but in the long run, it’s for your own good. And his. His? No, no . Dr. Magrew, please. What are you doing? Robert, I know this may be painful. But try to relax. (MUMBLING) It’s necessary. Don’t fight. Accept what’s coming. Oh . Please. Please, don’t. Please. Can I use your phone? Local call? No, I’ll pay. Well, tell you what. Make it simple for both of us, reverse the charges. (PHONE RINGING) (MUMBLING) (THUNDER RUMBLING) (RINGING CONTINUES) OPERATOR: I’m sorry, there’s still no answer. Well, could you . Never mind, thank you. You’re welcome. Now I’m really worried. I wonder if Daddy had to take Robert to the hospital. Uh, I got him. Who, my father? No, Tommy Berke. Wait. Yeah, want to talk to her? Right. Hold on. Hello, Mr. Berke? BERKE: Hey, there, Miss Magrew.

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