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They change phones because they’re bored, and bikes because the color has begun to fade. In my eyes, their life was a celebration. But I lead a calculated life. Never had the courage to look at a menu, and order food, even if it meant starving. Clothes and shoes were never in my budget. If I came back from a hospital, the joy of getting well Was clouded by the fear of overshooting expenses. At first, none of these mattered. But slowly insecurity engulfed me. That’s when Shivani entered my life. Her father was a rich businessman. She was the only daughter. And for some reason she liked me a lot. She used to take me with her always, bought nice clothes, dined at expensive places. The celebration I saw from a distance now became a part of my life. Till she was there, there were no worries. Once she left, it would be the same old life. Shivani was not a luxury, Shivani was peace of mind. That’s the difference between mine and their life. They always have a choice between things. But in my case, I didn’t have choice I had to make do with what I had. Even though I worked harder than all of them, I still had no choice That’s why I wanted to bring my life to a stage, Where I get to choose things, and did just that. Between right and wrong, you can choose wrong If the righteous aren’t harmed. And I chose it. You didn’t arrest me, Anagha! It was my choice to come here. I will choose the duration of my stay too. What do you mean? I mean, the fact that I’m the thief, is just your imagination, Anagha. To prove me as the thief You need the data, before I leave. There was no connection between my college degree and the job I went to after college. I made a plan to reach a place in years, which would otherwise take years to reach. The shortcut to success needed a key, I found the key, and even said hello to it. I joined the coffee shop he went to regularly. Step – Shoulder Surfing I had to find out his login and system passwords. Tables on this side are reserved, If you don’t mind, can you sit on the last table? Okay, Sure! Thank You! I got all the passwords, to enter data center’s network. Step – I had to get his laptop Step Injecting the worm. Excuse me, My laptop was here yesterday Don’t worry, I’ve kept it safe. It was perfect till here, Then you came into my life. If you can guess my date of birth, I’ll give you a surprise. Thanks for asking that question. Pooja, the love of my life. Her real name was Anagha. When everything was going smooth, Police started tracking me. What are you doing here? Come to the police station. Why Sir? There are new cases, one of them has to be yours. There was no point running away. There’s a surprise for you in the room. Love you Anu! I thought I’ll stay, right in front of you all. And even if you realize that I’m the thief . They should be helpless to do anything. Let the fun begin. How did he find out that I am a police? Phaneesh! If you were the criminal, where would you hide the data? I would never keep it in my personal computer. Physical hard drive? No way. Workplace. . Definitely not. Friend, I would probably keep it with a friend. Yes, a friend of his worked at an internet cafe. You should check it out. Yes! . Ramesh!? Ramesh! Go to the internet cafe, seize all the computers and bring them. Ok Madam! Anagha, there’s one more place we should check. Where? Come. Hey! She’s a police. Police? Run, run. Will you arrest god now? Have any important CDs arrived? In the last months? or weeks ago? Foreign or Indian? Not that, the one with important information. I have run the data sniffer program, and web crawler bots. In case there’s any data resemblance, We will get immediate information. I’m trying. From August th till the day he got arrested. Check his phone network. Go to each internet cafe in all areas,his phone network shows, and check if he has logged in. He must have given his ID proof, you’ll easily know. I want all the systems that he has used. Seize everything and get it to the station. Move, don’t leave things, get everything and come. Sir please sir, what are you doing sir? Bro!

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