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Now, uh, Daisy, will you tell us what it is, please, that the maypole represents? Really, Daisy. You’ve been told often enough. Miss Rose, I know! All right, then, anybody. Phallic symbol. The phallic symbol. That is correct. It is the image of the penis, which is venerated in religions such as ours, as simbolising the generative force in nature. Oh, can I help you? C- could-could I have a word with you, please, miss? Certainly. Girls, open your desks and take out your exercise books. Miss, you can be quite sure that I shall report this to the proper authorities. Everywhere I go on this island, it seems to me I find degeneracy. and there is brawling in bars, there is indecency in public places, and there is corruption of the young, and now I see it all stems from here- it stems from the filth taught here in this very schoolroom. I was unaware that the police had any authority in matters of education. Aye, aye, well, we’ll see about that. Girls, could I have your attention, please? Now, I am a police officer. Well, as you can see. I have come here from the mainland to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. I have a photograph here- excuse me- which I would like you to p around amongst yourselves. Meanwhile, I’ll write her name over there on the blackboard. Rowan Morrison. That’s her name. Now, do any of you recognize either the name or the photograph? No. There’s your answer, Sergeant. If she existed, we would know. Whose desk is that? No one’s. Thank you. The little old beetle goes round and round, always the same way, you see, till he ends up right up tight to the nail, poor old thing. “Poor old thing”? Then why in God’s name do you do it, girl? I’d like to see the school register, please. I’m afraid you’ll have to have Lord Summerisle’s authority. This is a police matter. I’m afraid you’ll have to have a search warrant or permission from Lord Summerisle himself. I’m afraid you’ll just have to bear with me, won’t you? You’re liars. You are despicable little liars. Rowan Morrison is a schoolmate of yours, isn’t she? And that is her desk, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it? I think you ought to know- And you are the biggest liar of all. I warn you, one more lie out of you, and I will charge you with obstruction, and, believe me, Miss Rose, that is a promise. Now, for the last time, where is Rowan Morrison? I would like to speak to you outside, Sergeant. Girls, get on with your reading. It’s the Rites and Rituals of May Day, chapter five. I won’t be long. Well? You don’t understand, Sergeant. Nobody was lying. I told you plainly. If Rowan Morrison existed, we would know of her. You mean, she doesn’t exist? She’s dead? You would say so. Oh, come on, come on. She’s either dead, or she’s not dead. Here, we do not use the word- We believe that when the human life is over, the soul returns to trees, to air, to fire, to water, to animals, so that Rowan Morrison has simply returned to the life forces in another form. Do you mean to say you teach the children this stuff? Yes. I told you, it is what we believe. They never learn anything of christianity?

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