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I vowed eternal love, and I think I fulfilled that promise for very long. It seems to me that our relationship has lasted for two or three eternities. You’re very funny. You mean you’re tired of me, don’t think it offends me. I’m also tired of you, to the tip of the hair. How many times. How many times have you vowed me eternal love? Too late I understand your cynicism. I Betrayed the good man, my husband, for someone like you. If you knew how I despise you, you wouldn’t be so witty. To feel despised not always paralyses the spirit. Sometimes, it even amuses and excites. Bastard! Return to your husband’s house. He didn’t ever imagine you would be unfaithful. You will have no difficulty to show regret and be at peace with your conscience. What more do you want? This adultery will make you appreciate more the virtues of fidelity. Just as a trip abroad reveals the sweetness of the homeland. The nurse was wrong. He’s not worse than three days ago. Listen, Mauricio, I’m sorry. Why? For awhile ago. I offended you and you apologise? You have not offended me. Haven’t I? Then you complained that the implied Because to imply is not the same as to offend. And then maybe I have complained too much without reason. Above all it was absurd to talk about that story of you speaking aloud with Angélica, in front of Fernando and Noémia, about something that did not concern you. I complained without reason. Look, I don’t accept your apology. You don’t? Are you really angry with me? To be frank, I think we have nothing more to say to each other. It means that we will no longer talk about it? Yes, that’s right. Well, if you like, we cut off relations. But actually, I see no reason no plausible reason. Why will you tease me? Have I done something unkind to you? Maybe I said some wrong word? Or was it Angélica or was it my wife? It was not your wife nor was it you. It was I who decided to cut ties with you and your wife. You also cut permanent relations with my wife? Yes, even with your wife. So it was her. Now, be frank. If it was Angélica,

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