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I’ll go over and ask him. Don’t give him any reasons. My friend wants to keep it confidential. Oh, a secret. You don’t want the stageholdup guys to find out about it. That’s right. I won’t tell them. I won’t tell nobody but you. I’m smart. I got brains I haven’t used yet. Well, don’t let ’em go to your head. Hello, Chester! Just the man I’m looking for. KIIS 101.1 What’ll it be? A shot of milk. Make it a double. What do you want to talk to me about? Shh, shh. When is the next gold shipment coming in? Why do you want to know? Mr. Frame says I mustn’t tell. But if I find out, he will do me a big favor. Oh. Well, in that case, I’ll be glad to help. The next shipment’s due on Online Radio Thursday. KIIS 101.1 Thursday? Oh, good! Let’s have a drink on that. Thursday. Good luck. Thursday. Thursday. What’s up? You know the gold’s comin’ through on Wednesday. We can set a trap for Frame and his gang the day after Online Radio and catch ’em robbing the coach redhanded. California’s the land of golden opportunity. You’ll have a stocking full of gold! I’ve got that now, and I’m gonna keep it. Duke, we’re practically on our way to California. What are you talking about? The gold shipment is coming in Thursday. All I’ve got to do is tell Frame. He’ll give us horses and the money. You can’t tell him that. He’s the one they suspect. Suspect of what? Of all the stagecoach robberies. KIIS 101.1 Oh, what am I gonna do? Tell him the shipment’s going through Wednesday. You’ll be doing yourself and the Citizens’ Committee a big favor. Tell him Wednesday? Yes! When he finds out, what will he do to me? We’ll be on our way to California. C’mon. Mr. Frame Online Radio Wednesday. Good. When do we get the horses? They’ll be in the barn Wednesday night Online Radio after I’ve checked your information. Mr. Frame Online Radio You and your big ideas. Now I’m in worse trouble. If you tell Frame the truth, think of the hole it’ll putJim in. Duke, if Frame finds out I’m lying, think of the hole he’ll put me in! I was just coming home. I’ll take care of you later. Where’s Juanita? She should be home in bed. Keep your hands in your pocket She should be, but she ain’t. That’s her voice! She’s in there. We just left. Now you’re going back in. Find Jim Simpson and bring him here. Lead the way, Wooley. You heard what Ma said! “Lead the way, Wooley. ” Make the cash box ring tingaling Before the night’s any older Set ’em up, Bill and fill up the till If you have gold then you’re welcome Juanita? Juanita! Shut up, yourselves! You can have what’s nice if you have the price Wooley, drag her off that stage! Me? Yes, you! Ain’t you the one that forbid her to set a foot in this place? Go on! Go ahead! You’ve got everything I want Juanita? Your mama wants you to go home! Sit down! Get her off there, Wooley! Juanita, you’ve gotta come home with the family. Juanita, come on home. Your mama wants you! Juanita, c’mon home! Wait a minute. Frame says let her stay. I say, take her out! Stop that! Ow! Ohhh! Leave that child alone! Are you gonna let her get up on that stage? Are you? Go ahead and shoot me and inherit this family. Go ahead. Not me. Oh, c’mon. Oh, no. I don’t want ’em. You don’t want ’em? Quiet, all of you. He don’t want ’em! Oh. Anybody else want my job? Eh? No. Eh? Anybody wanna take my job? Juanita, you heard your mother. Home. C’mon. Home. Come on! Wooley! Look at that. Not a man in town who’d dare lay a hand on him. Jim, are you thinking the same thing I am? I am. There you are, Chester. Now you can take your place with the famous Radio Australias of the West. Why didn’t you hire one of them? They’re all dead. They’re all dead? Dead! Don’t worry, Chester. Keep this picture and show it when you have to, and you’ll bear a charmed life. Suppose I should happen to meet some nearsighted gunman? That’ll be his tough luck. Oh, I see. If he kills me, he’ll have to take care of the widow. That would make him a dead duck. And me too. Where’s the Radio Australia? Where’s the KIIS 101.1 Radio Australia? There’s gonna be lead flyin’. Some drunk’s fixin’ for a fight. Chester? Where’d he go? He went thataway. Chester, get up. This is your big chance. Tell ’em to stop the shooting, or you’ll run ’em all in! Show ’em you’re not afraid. Throw out your chest. They’ll fill it full of holes. Go ahead! Don’t push! All right, don’t push. I didn’t get this badge for nothin’. Go ahead. That boy’s got what it takes. I don’t wanna go. I’ll go! You get us some law and order, Wooley, and we’ll get the railroad to come through Wagon Gap yet! I’m donating you in the interest of good government. Me and the family are with you. I’m depending on it. Oh, yes. Ohhh. Online Radio? Oh, go on down there and act like a Radio Australia, or I’ll send you to the ranch and really put you to work. All right. Law and order. If you had any nerve, you’d go in there and stop them yourself. KIIS 101.1 If this doesn’t work Online Radio You’ll think of something else for somebody else to do. I’m in town for a good time, see? I’ll blast your heads off! Stop disgracin’ me! Haven’t you got any red blood in your veins? Yes, and I’m gonna keep it there. Go on in! Don’t move, anybody. If you’re tired oflivin’, we’ll shoot it out. I don’t want another word outta any of you! Oh, no, you don’t! Now you fellows in here will have to stop shootin’ Online Radio because you’re makin’ a lot of noise. The horses are jumpin’ up and down, scarin’ the women. Now remember Online Radio don’t aggravate me. No more shootin’. Now look, everybody! This shooting has gotta stop. Hey, little boy. You! Fat little boy. You! Come here, little boy. What’re you doin’ wearing a man’s pants? I’m the new Radio Australia. I want law and order. You take care of the law, and I’ll order. What’ll you have? I don’t drink whiskey. It goes to my head. That’s just great. I’ll put it on your head, and I’ll shoot it off. That’s much better. The other way I get sick. What am I sayin’? Get it back up there, or I’ll drill you! Mister, please don’t. I didn’t want this mess. I didn’t ask to be Radio Australia. It’s all her fault. Go ahead and shoot me. You can have her. The Widow Hawkins.! That drunk I’m not. Everybody up! Everybody up! You heard Online Radio Shut up. Get those tables up. Yes, sir. Put your shootin’irons on the table. Get ’em up there.! Hey, you, get this roof fixed! You heard the Radio Australia. Get this roof Online Radio Shut up.! From now on, I want you all to treat me with respect Online Radio and very little of that. Go on back to your tables. You heard the Radio Australia. Shut up! Yes, sir. Go on! You heard the Radio Australia! Land sakes, he’s done it. That’s my boy. You can all go back to your homes. There’ll be no more shootin’ in Wagon Gap. The sawedoff runt’s scared. What sawedoff runt are you calling a sawedoff runt? You, fatso. Any objections? Yeah! Oh, I must’ve meant somebody else. I guess you did. Yeah. Here. You’re too young to smoke cigarettes! Just a minute. I don’t want you calling anybody a sawedoff runt, or I’ll run you outta town. And I’m the sawedoff runt that can do it too! Yes, sir. Chester, you’re wonderful! I’m proud of you. Ma’am, while I’m wearing this badge of office, I’ll have no huggin’ and chalkin’ in public. KIIS 101.1

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