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together are nothing but troubles. Show me How much trouble you can make! The long journey I’ve been through is still there And now I am coming back to the start. Wang Kaixuan is back! We’ve been on the horse the whole day, Man I’m exhausted. I’m never gonna come to this god damn hole if not for the dollars. Watch your mouth. Hu and I spent our youth here. Well you brought him, I didn’t. Screw him Such a loser who ‘can’t withstand the sugar-coated bullets.’ Subverted by the female agent of the American Imperialism in a blink. This world has changed now ‘women hold up half the sky.’ or more than half! Look at that chick! Is this a mining company or a tomb developing company? This is sick. We have rented square miles of this land for geological prospecting. It’s all yours. This is our President Ms. Ying Caihong. That’s the president? Some sort Yoga class? What a company! Mojin Xiaowei is here. Cool, isn’t it! Wrong again. It’s rock. I got too excited following my instinct. We were looking for the Goddess Tomb. But we got the dragon tomb haha. This is the ninth hole, are you doing this right? You should blame Hu Bayi. Locating has always been his thing. We would have already found it if he’s here. It’s no use to complain now. They are gonna blow us instead if we can’t find it. Ask them not to waste my time. . It’s been ages and we still got nothing. This ‘Mojin Xiaowei’ is a faker, isn’t he. Hey,younglady trust me. ‘Fen Jin Ding Xue’ takes time. It’s a serious job. Fen jin’ means to locate using ancient compass. The compass divides into degrees, zones. Each zone breaks further into five golds, making a total of golds. We take all the geological positions into account… Speak Chinese. Speak it in techonology terms If ‘Fen jin’ is the data, ‘Dragon Seeking’ would be the programme. The way the promarmme works with the data is ‘ding xue’. Once it’s done, all the tombs in this area will be found. Do you know what I mean? Ouch! What do you want young lady? Show me your gills. Yo! Leave him alone! From now on, I will pull one tooth out every time you get it wrong till you find get it right. If there’s nothing found by dawn, I shall execute the breaching of terms. What breaching of terms? One hole for each of you. Grill, is that true? Ahhhh! What kind of damn contract is that? Cheers. Calm down, It’s just a in tomb… ping– That’s it! There! Must be something! Drunkard’s song in Mongolian Drunkard’s song in Mongolian It’s nice for you to be here. But this time we can’t afford to have all of us trapped here. Or else it’s gonna be the same all over again. Mojin Xiaowei, United we stand, devided we fall. It’s what the master told us. I must come. These people are not regular graverobbers. I’ve checked upon this Global Mining Group. It’s more of a cult than a company. The tomb of Princess Aogu you mentioned before is exactly what they are looking for. Interesting. She has double identities: a royal blood and shaman, worshipped as a Goddess, The Equinox flower is her instrument. Legends tell the flower opens the gate to the underworld. It brings the dead back to life. This guy is too drunk to drive. Don’t worry. The locals are all like this the more they drink the better they drive. A little bit more, I can take you both high up to the sky. Are you okay? You drive the car. Hey bro, let me drive. Just sit back and relax. We are almost there. Almost! Take the Break! It’s not working! Make a turn! Oh my god we are gonna hit the horses. Let g! Let it g! Oh … HU Forgive me. Buddha, God, Save me! It’s deep down here, looks like a it’s leading to the tomb You see see, Who’s the faker hum?! Mr. Wang, we got it! Very impressive. Though you’ve blown this prairie into the surface of the moon. Serious business takes time. Take it easy. It’s no use educating the ignorant. But the ignorant needs to be educated! You shouldn’t drink and drive… (Mongolian) Thank god there’s nothing serious. After you get there, take off the bridle and put it on the saddle. Can the horse find its way back? Of course. Thank you. Cheers, The Herdsman only has one horse for us You stay here. I’ll come back after I find Wang. You do wanna get rid of me huh. You’ll be safe here. Go to hell. Hu Bayi! (Mongolian nursery rhyme) My favorite pony hides in daddy’s horses… Do you like it? Shirley Shirley Drag the left rope inwards. Whatch out. Get out of the way I’m busy What are you doing ‘. Do you see this? Don’t you think that our gears are a bit out of time. Don’t just follow your instinct. We should also follow our times. We’ll see There tools are inherited from a thousand years ago, and have been examined more than a thousand years. What the hell do you know? The air is safe, get prepared. Bofing Every thing’s electronic. What’s the fun of it?! Hurry up guys! Okay What are you doing, Grill? Follow me You get down there first Ladies, do think twice. Raiding a tomb is no joke Look at you, are you ready for this? We all live by beliefs. How about I leave you ladies and gentlemen here. I’m just a business man you know, Tomb raiding is not my thing. I’d better stay here.

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