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We were in the same place. We blow the whistle. We give those looking for an opportunity to meet. Are you going to send a ship without hydraulic system? That’s his plan? How will you do that? I’ll make a reed manual helm. Why should we listen to you? All I ever cared about was this ship. You two make a cute couple on the ocean floor. Activity in the lifeboat. Look. We stab a steel beam in the wheelhouse. We depend on the end pulleys to maintain balance. And let’s move manually. Excuse. I think I’ve fixed the radio. Polling at degrees, about km east of Nantucket game ‘This Nantucket? That is not Pendleton. Fort Mercer emergency game Fort Mercer. That is another T. There is another oil on two broken. But if someone is going to help them, game Who is there for us? How do you feel? It is? You have already requested Cluff? Do not. Why not? What’s wrong? I do not game What? Have you been asked Cluff? I told you not to tell anyone. Sorry, but I have a good day. I know you do not feel well game You know, permission to marry is not necessary. Actually, Chief. Unless there is a minor. Thank you, boss, I follow the rules, but. We’ll be ready. It is not a directive. It’s just a formality, by respect. And I heard right, I asked? Follow orders, right? Yes, they asked me. Are you sure you wear pants or she wears that? It seems that this girl that game What? Should you get stuck do not boats? She is my fiancee, sir. Who asked you game to marry. Go Go. Moment. Insurance. I’m sorry Mr. I say. This line is bad, ma’am. I try to connect again. Please sir. The lines do not work. How are you? How does it work? It was one of those days, you know. But how are you? You are not radar technician? Do not. He has commanded me to take refuge here until the storm has passed. Then I can navigate my lighthouse. You can wait in the dining room if desired. This is not a good time, you know. I have to be ready to go to the dock and to secure the boat. I wish you were with me. I hear all kinds of things about a broken boat and I game What, are you okay? Yes, we have lost the lights. Then you can start looking better. Nantucket has sent his m to the game You have already requested Cluff? Is the? Not yet, honey. I’ll explain later. I have to go out. Good. I love you. I love you so much. Bye. It is the best I had no idea who I was. Make a crew and sail with the old port . Go to Fort Mercer, km east of Nantucket. I do not think we can navigate the sandbar at this time, Mr. Cluff. We can then better take the stage port . Still it takes longer? Not much. What do you think? You’re a boatswain. You know what’s out there. No one comes to the sandbar at this time, Mr. Cluff. No one. It’s a suicide mission. We must take the stage port . It takes a little longer. But we’ll get at least outside the port. Success, Chief. Let Gouthro Livesey and fishing pier. Yes sir. no disgusts me, Gus. You should not even be here. Why should you always make us ridiculous, Richie? It is not our fault that does not go with the explosions. It’s out anyway. Get some. That was a year ago. Get some. Nobody had that day sail on the sandbar. Bangs did. Actually, Richie. It is not navigate the sandbar. No, he takes beautiful protected bay. Bernie, no matter what you think Richie game Nickerson Bangs wie ook give. No one could have saved the men. Sometimes, people die, Bernie. Here we go. Hang on. Easy, now. I have it. Elevation. One two. Everything now. Three. Tie, guys. I have it. It’s okay. We now have a tiller. Let us down in the shallows. Brown and others are preparing to launch the lifeboats. They think it’s their best hope. We need everyone now. They hold the lifeboats. What are you trying to do this, Sybert? Get off of him. Are you trying to kill us? Slow down the speed. Stand up. Are you crazy. He just saved your life. The ship is in pieces. He has gone. Enough. That ship is too small for this sea. And this ship is sinking at nightfall. Everyone wants to live here game and that can only happen if we let it run aground. We put a hold on and look forward to a coast. I need four men working in the emergency rudder pulley. I have four men needed to pump back to control game and the rest of you represents a line with cubes together game and communicates with the engine room. And someone keeps blowing the whistle. You heard him, boys. Walk. Come on. It sounds like you’re the man, Sybert. I hope we do not kill. I saw a tug boat. Heard the whistle. A distress signal. minutes ago. From my house. The wind blows from the south, and in those circumstances game I think they will float in this direction, and each of the dune. You can not come from Mercer, Bernie. She is the address of Nantucket game that means moving to the northwest, right? I know what I heard. I know what I saw. Okay then. How about going to the back of the station and investigate? He only spoke of Boston. With a plane game with the rear of the tanker Pendleton seen km east of here. Two tankers broken in a day. That must be a record. Boston and Nantucket have all sent ships to Mercer. They never survive in this climate. Webber. Put together a team. Take that and go game and find the back of Pendleton. You got it? Yes sir. Do you want to warm up with some coffee? What? What Carl is trying to say game This is not about Landry. Of course. Eight men died that night. You, Gus and Masachi could not even get out of there. Why do you think you can now? You know the sandbar at this point, anyway, Bernie? If. That man does not know what he is doing. He sends you to death. You will not reach the sandbar Chatham on a day like this. You can not stay afloat halftime ship. Mr. Stello, in the Coast Guard to say: ” You have to go. ” But they do not tell you to come back. That’s the law, you know. Bernie, you better get lost before you get too far. Do not worry about me, Mr. Ryder. I can not lose here. I know these waters well enough. How I can lose? No, Bernie. What Dave is trying to say game is that you have to sail around the harbor, say you tried, but could not. Dank je, Mr. Ryder. However, Mr. Stello, I will do my best to get there.

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