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there’s nothing that you can do about it. So, you gotta be tough, you know? You know what I’m talking about here? Yes. What goes on in there? He’s looking. But I thought he did have a job. Carmen please, it’s your mother’s birthday. I’m just trying to get to know the man, so one more time, you do or you do not have a job? Carmen. I lost my job. I was working at this factory– He was a floor manager. Oh, a floor manager’s very good. And he lost it. Well, where was the last time you saw it? Carmen! A job isn’t like a needle in a haystack, you don’t gotta be Columbo to find one. He’s looking, okay? There’s a bad economy. We’re pretty sure he’s gonna start something next week. I thought he was starting something next week. That’s what you said. Well, yes, they’re talking about salary and things. Fine, fine! I’m sorry, Ma. He does not have a job. That’s all I was asking. I’m not here to judge. He is unemployed He is without work. I’m just concerned and curious. Denise, you guys are off for summer vacation, right? When are you guys going? Tuesday, but frankly, we can’t get away from the firm fast enough. Such a high powered position, hey. They can’t really do without you guys. You have no idea. So where are you guys going this year? Oh, Puerto Plata, same as last year. Oh, that’s nice, I always loved that part of the island. See, George, when are you gonna take me on a vacation like that huh? I told you, Carmen, all you have to do is promise to keep silent for two hours and I’ll take you wherever you want to go. That’s never gonna happen. You see the way that he talks to me? You see the way that he treats your Ti-ti Carmen? Alright, that’s it, I’m running away with Elliot. Alright, send me a postcard. I know what you’re getting at, so why don’t you just say it? I’m the family -up, here we go again. No, no that is not what we’re saying. Nobody’s– You have made some mistakes. I mean, there have been incidents. Carmen. Look, you’re , honey, you’re not a kid anymore and Elliot is nine years old. Considering your history, we are just concerned, that’s all. And this has nothing to do with him He looks like a very nice man, alright? Carmen. Hey! But this is not about him, this is about you. Because every time you need something, this is where you come. You’re such a beautiful girl. I mean, you’re talented, you got a beautiful son. You’re wasting your life! We want what’s best for you and Elliot. And if you can’t provide that then leave him here with us For God’s sake, there’s a good school district right here. You got a room right upstairs. Alright? Elliot is fine. He’s more than fine, trust me. Look, all we really wanna know from you is, do you finally have it together? I want to go to my room. Alright, Elliot, go to your room. You’ve caused enough trouble tonight. Go ahead. Stop it! Elliot, just go to your room. And I don’t want to ing see you for the rest of the night. Kiko You’re really good for me, Elliot. I’m so happy I met you. Because lots of guys, they just see me dancing on the cube– I love your dancing. That’s what’s up. And they just want me because I gotta big , you know. I mean, what’s up with that? I’m still a person too. Hi Kiko. What’s up? But I like you because you really talk to me, and no one ever does. I love your work. Thank you. We could be really good together, I think. You know, am I right? And I’m not just tryin’ to play you either. Cause I don’t have to feed you along. Hey El! I know you like me. Mm-mm, they so tacky. Tell me about it. And you know I like you too, Boo. Hey El. Thanks for coming to the party, El. I’m not playin’ around. If I wanted to be with a guy who likes me ’cause I got a big and I’m a go-go boy, I can find him right off the street. But I like you, ’cause you’re special and I can tell. And I hope you notice that I’m special, because I am. Are you lookin’ for a rubber? I’m looking for a saddle. If I met you a year ago, it would’ve been no good. My heart wasn’t big enough, but it’s grown and I’m ready for someone like you now. Okay, if I died, how long would you wait before you had with someone else? How long should I wait? If, God forbid, you died, I probably would never have again. Who are you bullting? But if I would have again, I would wait at least a year. A year? Six weeks. Six weeks? Six weeks is for how long you would wait after losing the best, most extraordinary person you have ever met, after losing your absolute reason for being. Who’s that? Oh. I’m just joking. I’m just jokin’! That is so not funny. Keep it cute, papi. Come on. No, you can’t play with me no more. Go find another sandbox. You can’t play in mine. There goes Elliot, such a slut. I know, I’m so jealous. Alright, alright, three months. Oh, this is not a bargaining situation Kiko. Four months. Okay, four months until I can have , but after six weeks I can get head. You are so Puerto Rican. Oh yeah, papa, ah. You are so Puerto Rican. Ah, shut up, let’s ! Okay. I like you so much. I’m having so much fun with you. And I’m having so much, so much fun with you, papi. I’m so happy to be with you. I love you. What’s wrong? I’m scared. What? What? I said, you’re scaring me. Have you ever been in love? Of course I have. No, I mean for real. It sucks. Look, my ex and I, we were together for three years. That’s a long time and I loved him so much. You know what he did? He cheated. The er broke my heart. Look, being in love, El, it sucks. And from now on I just want to have fun. I’m not gonna put myself in that place again. But I thought you were ready for someone like me now. Not if you’re gonna fall in love with me. I don’t understand. Just chill, take it easy. Everything is cool with us, just don’t go falling in love with me. You get what I’m sayin’, right? Look, we don’t have to move so fast. What, you in some kind of hurry? Cool. So you’re not in love with me, right? What I’m gonna do with you, huh chulo? What I’m gonna do with you? Okay, okay, check it out. You see that guy over there? Wait, quit looking. What? You remember our friend Luis from Guyana? Your trashy friend. Fine, my friend, anyway last month Luis ed that kid, right.

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