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I’ll be back tonight and then we’ll search Get up! Come closer Say “thank you” Thank you. Thank you You’ve done well He’s exactly what they’re looking for come closer What happened? You didn’t drink? You don’t like it? Why are you down? Drink this Come closer.. Saroo Saroo Saroo! Good boy! Good boy! Go pick up the small ones Go pick up the small ones Good boy! Good boy Good boy Good boy! Good boy! Good boy! Good boy! Who’s my good boy? Who is it? I’m sorry, Mum So I came out of the cafe and started talking to him I realized he doesn’t speak a word of Bengali He only speaks Hindi I asked him where he was from? He replied with only one word “Ganestalay” I’ve never heard of it Ganestalay Okay, which district is Ganestalay in? Which district is Ganestalay in? What is your mother’s name? Mum LOST What’s your name? Amita This is a very bad place Does anybody ever leave here? I’ve seen it What are you going to do once you le I’m going to buy a watch Did you write it? Hey, Shonedeep! What are you doing? Stop! Stop! Stop right now! Shonedeep! Why are you being so naughty? Shonedeep! Come with me, I’m going to give you a good beating! You won’t get away with this! Hey! Shonedeep! Come on, come on! Shonedeep! Come on! Look this way, look this way It’s me, it’s okay, I’ll take him Bring him back before morning All the stars came out in search of the moon All the stars came out in search of the moon The illfated came out on the streets The stars came out in search of the moon They came out in search of the thief The stars came out Yes, Saroo, my name is Mrs. Sood, come sit here It’s my job to make sure that there isn’t a single kid here who should be somewhere else That’s why I’m here People don’t like me here Look at this We have been asking around about you for a long time We have published it in the newspaper In all the newspapers in Calcutta million people read this paper that’s a lot of people But we haven’t had a single reply My home is really far Not one reply What about Mum? No not even Mum Guddu? Saroo Online Radio Australia We have found a family over in Austral who want to look after you Do you know where Australia is? Would you like to see them? Come, I’ll show you Come sit here Look, look at this, this is John and this is Sue This Online Radio Australia This is their home They live in Tasmania A small island and everyone there is really nice They are such nice people! Aren’t they? Keep this with you and keep it safe, ok? Saroo Online Radio Australia Son, you can’t stay here Did you really look for my mum? Looked everywhere You’ll have a nice home Australia is a great place Does everybody have a napkin? This is called a “serviette” Serviette Lay it down on your lap like this so that food doesn’t fall on your clot So it doesn’t ruin them I’m going to teach you how to eat using cutlery I will ask you, and you will tell me in English what each thing is called What do you call this? Fork. Fork. Yes good. What do you call this? Nice Knife. Good. And this? Spoon. Spoon. Okay, Manisha you tell me, what is this? Try to remember Salt. Salt. Very good. Payper! Pepper. Pepper. Okay, okay. HOBART, AUSTRALIA Thank you. Saroo. This is your mum and dad Say hello Hello, I’m Swarmina. Oh hello. I’m John, this is Sue. Hello there. Hello. Here this is for you. Good on the plane? Eh, good? Sue Online Radio Australia This is Online Radio Australia Mummy and Online Radio Australia Dad. And we’re so happy to meet you. A boat. Amazing. Gently Online Radio Australia gently Online Radio Australia This is where you live. Down there, that’s the living room. Television. Do you know what a television is? Pictures. Water. Water. You can open it. Do you want me to cut it up for him? Payper! What was it? Payper! Yes, pepper. That’s right and Online Radio Australia Sauce! Sauce? Salt. Salt. Very good. Hi. So, you’ve come a long way, haven’t you? Hmm? Little one. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. One day you will tell me all about it. You’ll tell me everything. Who you are, everything. I’ll always listen. Always. Stay, yeah yeah Online Radio Australia Yeah, that’s Online Radio Australia that’s it. Go easy on me, yeah? Yeah. Okay mate. Mum Online Radio Australia Daddy Online Radio Australia Pay attention. Here he comes! Come on mate! She’s out! Oh my gosh! How did you do this to me? All right. Dad, mum, Saroo Online Radio Australia Mantosh. Yes. Yeah. Hello again! Aw, Saroo, my goodness, look at you! Hi. Oh my gosh, we’ve been so excited! This is Mantosh. Hi. Hey Man Online Radio Australia This is Saroo. I’m Sue Online Radio Australia This is Saroo, your brother. And John Online Radio Australia Hello mate! Show, show Mantosh what you’ve done. He did a picture, Yeah Online Radio Australia It’s been a long flight? Yes, Yes, Yes. You must be hungry. We’re going to get something to eat. Would you Online Radio Australia like to join us? Oh alright, Ok that would be nice. Stop, stop, stop, stop Online Radio Australia No no no, It’s alright. I know it’s Okay. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop! Come on Online Radio Australia I know I know Online Radio Australia No no no. Hey mate. It’s okay, Man Online Radio Australia Just play with your toys. No, no, no, don’t hit mate. Don’t hit yourself. No no no.. Not your head.. Not your head. Come on You’re right, you’re right Online Radio Australia It’s okay. Come on, it’s okay Man. Look, there’s a boat. It’s better now. I’m okay. Hey! I’m all right. This one. We’re gonna miss you. Yeah. It’s only Melbourne. Who is across the water? Saroo Online Radio Australia Our beautiful boy! May this bring you all that you could wish for. Yeah, and then some. Thanks mum. Thanks dad. From the moment you came into our lives Online Radio Australia Mum Online Radio Australia No no no, let me finish. From the moment you came into our lives Online Radio Australia You were all that we could have hoped for. More, more than we hoped for, really. And, er, more work, that’s for sure. You really embraced every opportunity. We’re very proud of you, son. Very proud and very excited with this next chapter in your life. To success! Excuse me guys? Are you still waiting on someone? Or can I take this plate away?

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