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I took my eyes off him for a second. One second. Yeah, that was him. Kristen. Hi, Sal. Send me your memories of Salvador. What? No. I don’t want to go back there. It hurts. Look, please, just send me a picture. Anything. Why? What for? Mine are gone. Gone? Okay. Shit. Sal, he’s gone. He’s gone. What the is happening? Sal? Sal? Sal. Sal? It’s Thomas. Thomas DeVry. Intersection in meters. Apply brake. Please, stop now. Check your surroundings for safety. All clear. Please proceed. I told you to take some time, Sal. Leave it alone. She won’t leave me alone. She keeps jacking my eye. I don’t know what I’m looking at. “I can’t believe my eyes”… is not an expression. I’m scared to sleep. Can’t hide. She knows where I am. Everything. My son, Salvador… all the good memories, gone. What happened? She makes me watch it over and over again. Sure you’re not seeing things? Of course I’m seeing things. That’s the whole point. We’re hiring more hackers. Like her. What else are we going to do? It’s what you said. Everything’s connected, everything’s vulnerable. Shit. Stopped taking calls from the commissioner. We watch, they don’t watch us. We know where they are, we’re invisible. How do I stop it Charlie? You find her… it stops. I wish Lester was here. Alert in the Ether. Warrant for Detective Frieland. In the shooting of Thomas DeVry. He lives in my building. My neighbor. I fired the gun. I didn’t shoot him. It sure as hell looks like you did. No one ever tells you that looks can be deceiving? Slug from your nine millimeter found in the wall… ballistics points to you. Have you seen the autopsy? A nine millimeter doesn’t make a hole in you like that. Inconclusive, says here. It’s a construction manipulated, made up. It’s fake. There’s no evidence that it’s fraudulent. And there’s no evidence to say it’s real. We can’t assume everything is counterfeit. We have to believe our eyes or the system doesn’t work. It’s her. She’s trying to with me. She wants me off the case. She got her wish. You’re suspended, pending an investigation. House arrest. Surveillance around the clock. Feels strange, sir. Watching you. Then don’t. You really are a cop. When you all hacked my eye, everyone was looking at me. You can be distracting. You remembered? There was something else in the reflection. Stay where you are. Put the gun down, Sal. Won’t do you any good. I can see what you see. I would show you around, but you’ve already seen the place. How was it? Did you all like what you saw? You’re gonna show yourself? Makes too much work for me. Why? Why are you doing this to me? I can’t take the credit. Someone is killing my customers, trying to make it look like it’s me. I can’t tell. I want to show you something. My record. Time of the murders. Lester. Someone made it look like I did it. Are you saying the hacker got hacked? They could be watching through our eyes right now. Yours, mine. I’m not safe anywhere. Neither are you. You’re the last one I was with who’s alive. How do I know you’re not lying? How do I know that what you just showed me is your actual record? You don’t. What part of “suspended” do you not understand? You jammed your meta. Assaulted a fellow officer. Charlie, the other DNA that we couldn’t identify, maybe it’s not degraded. Maybe it’s unregistered. Another cipher. Or maybe it’s degraded. She showed me her record when Lester was killed. She’s not there when the shot’s fired. Well, where is she now? You’ve obviously held her for questioning. I don’t think it’s her. Why? ‘Cause you ed her? Her alibi could be fabricated like all of her hacks. Proves nothing. That’s the problem, that nothing proves anything. She’s playing you, Sal. You’re officially relieved of all duty, pending a departmental hearing. All access privileges rescinded. We’re watching you. You should thank us. What’s he doing? Whole lot of nothing. All units respond. Damn it. Why’d you do that? I fell for it. Looking through his eyes, I forgot to look through yours. Well, now you can both look through mine. Why? Why’d you do this? It was perfect. We were never meant to meet.

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