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It’s okay… Where is this place? It’s huge here… Look around Find a way out. Follow me. Don”t be afraid. Okay. Here’s a dead end. Wang. It looks like a Japanese underground military base. Ah? Military base? Tunnel for war. There. You lead the way, I bring up the rear. Power distribution room. Ammunition depot. You follow Hu. Un…underground base… Hope there’s no Japanese here… Come on. They are all dead. Don’t scare yourself. Imean… Dynamite! This looks like a dumbwaiter. A dumbwaiter! We can get out from here! Yeah“! ls’t still working? What’s this? Here’s another ammunition depot. Put it out! Everybody watch out. There are dynamite attached to all the structural joints Once lit up, the entire base will collapse. Let’s just leave one torch for the road. Hurry up! Put it out! We’d better think about how to re-start the dumbwaiter. Look, here are the wires! They would lead us to the power generator. Let’s have a look. Come on! It’s on! Yes! Great! It’s on! We can get out! Let’s go. Don’t be afraid. It’s okay. It’s okay. You see, A dried corpse. It’s okay. God… It’s full of corpses. How come these Japanese died here? Look they all carry guns. Statues over there! We should go back. Yeah it’s dangerous there. We’d better go back. Let’s go back. Let’s not get ourselves in trouble. Let’s go. Yeah, let’s go. What are you all afraid of? We are materialists. True materialists are fearless. Take out your little red book. Quickly! Take it out! True materialists are fearless. True materialists are fearless. True materialists are fearless. Let’s smash the “Four olds.” These Japanese all dead in strange ways. It seems that they found these statues and tried to move them away. Then Something happened. Whatever these ‘F our-ems’ are, They are for us proletarians. Not for the Japanese invaders! Take it. For self defense! Okay. Don’t worry, I’m protecting you. Thank you. Let’s go. The Equinox flower! What? According to the legend, it only exists at the limbo of Yin and Yang, and connect the living and the dead. The Equinox flower? Yes, I heard the flower’s so beautiful. Yeah? I really want to see it. Count it on me! Really? I’ll find it for you even it’s in hell. You promise. There are still many ‘Four-olds’ to be destroyed. Comrades, let’s go! Go! It’s dangerous! Hold on! It’s huge. God damn it! It’ll take us forever to destroy them all. Comrades, let’s do it! Don’t! Stop it! What’s wrong? The Japanese! What the hell is that? Help! Come down! Go! Careful! Go Ding! Get out! off! HU Let me go. Ding! Wang! Wang Hurry up! Go! Damn it! Run! It exploded. The place was turned into a sea of fire. We ran for our lives, Ding Sitian and our comrades all died… Only Wang and myself managed to escape by the dumbwaiter. It’s been twenty years. Wang never wanted to bring this up. At that time we saw the Equinox flower. I’ve heard that it’s the sign of Princess Augo from Khitan. I never expect that it would appear again. You said that you witnessed the corpses coming back to life to kill you… It’s impossible. In hindsight it was indeed impossible. It’s just that moment was too real to me. Perhaps it was just an illusion. But my comrades did die, and nearly did Wang and I. Maybe it was because of the lack of oxygen or that you breathed in some toxic gas that you saw some unexplainable phenomena? You know that seeing is not believing. What you believe to be true is not determined by your eyes but your brain. I know what you mean. I think that you are pretty doesn’t mean you are physically pretty but my brain believed that you’re pretty… Right? What do you want. I can’t leave Wang alone. You’ve alreay quit. Don’t take me wrong. I’m not gonna go back to the ‘business’. I just wanna get Wang back. By yourself? Yeah. I’m not gonna rob the tomb anyway. I can do it myself. I’ll be back once I find him. Don’t you worry. It doesn’t matter if you come back or not. I don’t give a ! Shirley! Shirley! You liar Hu Bayi!! I knew you! What you’ve said has nothing to do with what you’ve done! I’ll never trust you anymore! You arrogant egoistic asshole! You and Wang Kaixuan

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