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It’s true! Is that true, sir? Is that true? THURSDAY This is all you got? Ah, come on, El, you know I ain’t got a job. You still don’t have a job? Yeah, well I can’t take the first thing that’s offered to me. Oh no you don’t! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, El. But check this out, the whole three days I was with Mikey, his best friend Octavio really liked me. Yo, Elliot, I gotta tell you somethin’. For the whole three days you was with Mikey, I really liked you. So now you’re with Octavio? Sally please, let me get to the end of the story, alright? So, Octavio and I are hanging out and having a great time and everything was going real good. STILL THURSDAY Who’s that? I don’t know. Hang on. Yo Elliot, this is my friend Noah. He missed the last PATH train back to Jersey, so he’s gonna crash at my place, alright? Um, yeah, okay. Okay? Okay. Chill out. Don’t stop when the story finally gets good. What happened? Yeah, he’s alright. Well, come on. Octavio, I’m gonna go home. Don’t me! Okay. So what’s the problem? Don’t you wanna have some fun? Yeah Sally, but it’s hard for me to explain. FRIDAY Please, God, just give me a sign that the right guy is out there. Excuse me, we’re closed. Let me tell you something, the church may be closed, but God is open twenty-four, seven. We’re closed. Thank you, God! Sometimes, all you need is just a little lift from God. Pay your fare! Did any of you notice a super fly Latin boy who just got on this train? I mean, other than myself. Thanks a lot. I want to let everyone know. Thank you so much. You’re so cute. Elliot, check it out. Oh! It’s for our first anniversary. You got one too? Of course. Damn, you guys are so lucky. Tell me about it. Listen, we’re gonna have a party here next week and you gotta come, alright? Okay. We’ll catch you later, El. Bye, Elliot, see you upstairs. Hey, what’s up? My boy from church. I thought I lost you. Nope, you found me. Yeah, I’m Kiko. Elliot. Yeah, I’m the new go-go boy. Yo, what up? I can’t believe they wouldn’t let me down here. I was like, yo, I want to see my friend. Why you gon’ give me about it? Uh, I’m Hector, I’m so excited to meet you. What’s up? Hey, can I can I put my stuff over there? Sure. Yo, El. What? I bet every time he has a hard on, he gets lightheaded. Are you Puerto Rican? Yeah. You look good enough. Okay, bye Hector. No wait, I want to stay, I want to chill. Employees only. Yeah, I wanna work here too. Okay, talk to the manager, okay? No, can I get an application? Okay, use me as a reference. Two Ls, one T. Sorry about my friend. You know, he’s just a kid. Oh, no problem. You going upstairs? Oh yeah, yeah, hold on. So, we should hang out. That would be great. Yeah, sure. When? When you get off? Three. I think I’m off at one, so I guess I could hang around and wait for you, if you like. Really? Yeah, I’ll wait for you. I mean, you don’t have to ’cause, you know, I don’t want to cause any trouble or anything. Okay, well maybe we can chill some other time then. I’ll catch you whenever. No, no, no, tonight’s great. Tonight’s perfect. I thought I had other plans, but come to think of it, I don’t. Tonight’s perfect, let’s hang out. Alright, so you want me to wait for you? Please. Cool, I’ll wait for you. Or, I could just quit at one and make it easier. Nah, that’s alright. You don’t gotta do that. So, do you wait around for guys a lot? No. So, just me then? Yeah, pretty much, but like I said, I’m gonna wait for you. Thank you. How old are you? , but I’ve had a lot of relationships. You know, you’re cute, you know that? That’s what the boys tell me. So, you gonna? Tough week? Tough life? Maybe, a little. My week. So, I guess I’m not going upstairs. Damn, I guess my skills must be gettin’ rusty. Well, is it okay to hang here on your stoop and conver-sate? Sure, that’d be great, I’d like that. Okay, I have to warn you, conver-sating, it’s not my strong point. That’s okay, it’s mine. I’m great at it. Oh yeah, so you think you can instruct me? Absolutely. “What were your dreams?” Elliot, don’t get me into trouble, remember your promise. Yeah, keep your in’ mouth shut for once, you little faggot. Stop it, Danny. Ma! Stop it, Elliot. Sweety, you made it! Come in. Everything’s going great, Mommy. Danny starts his new job next week and things are really coming together. Let me tell you my problem with my mother ’cause I can sum it up in a word. We’re gonna be moving soon. We’re looking maybe to buy a house. She’s a bull artist. So, El, how’s my sister’s new guy? He’s an asshole. Maybe a place in the suburbs, you know, where there’s better schools for Elliot. Elliot is so bright. Ma has three sisters. My aunt Nani, my aunt Denise and, perhaps my most favorite of all, my aunt Carmen. And he doesn’t have a job? Nope. Is he looking? Nope again. Are you ting me? I am not. Don’t me, El! I’m not ting you. She brought another loser into this house. She did. I should’a hid the silver. Aunt Carmen is distinguished by her time at the beauty academy. Wow! Don’t they look great? That’s technique. The girls at the academy, they all try to copy me, but it was to no avail. They still ended up looking like cheap whores. Look at the little spark-lies. And her extensive vocabulary. What was Grandpa like? He was a son of a . Carmen! He was a son of a and a piece of too and me and Mommy should’ve thrown the er out a lot sooner. She’s right. Ma was cursing. That was his name, , short for Dumb . Carmen! Alright come on, Elliot, get it up. Come on, you can do it. Hold it together. I just tried this thing on. I know it fits. Put it together. Here let me, okay good, see? Fits like a glove, right? Okay, now we can move onto the final touches, which really I find to be the most important. The lip-gloss, the foundation and the concealer. You know, I wanna start my own line of concealer one day? I wanna call it Secrets and the tagline is gonna be every woman has her secrets and they should be concealed. That’s so good. Yeah, right? I wanna start my whole line of cosmetics. I’m gonna call it Carmen’s Secrets. You should. Oh, I’ll never get around to it. So, El, how’s school? It’s okay. Yeah? You know, I loved school, right? And your mother she was very good at school too. She was very creative. I’m gonna show you something, look. Watch this, it’s a trick. This way, the scent is evenly dispersed. You like that? It smells nice, right? So nice. Yeah, your uncle George got that for me for our th anniversary. I like to smell nice. Me too. Yeah? You know, me and you, we’re a lot alike. We are both very special people. And let me tell you something, society can on very special people, believe me, I know. Like when I was in high school, all the girls over there, they hated my guts. Why? Because I was prettier than them and because I developed a lot sooner so, of course, all their boyfriends was after me. What was I supposed to do, huh? Let me tell you something, beauty, my friend, is a burden. And don’t let anybody tell you any different. And me, your Ti-ti Carmen, I have carried said burden. Wow. Yeah, El, it’s tough being special ’cause once you’re special, you’re always gonna be special. You know,

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