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I do not know if it works, but I’m trying. I assume that Richie does? Who else? I do not know, Gus. You can barely lift his head. Who is going to take it anymore, Bernie? Fitz is the only technology buff remains. And it is only the third grade, and lacks experience. I go. Yes I can do it. That is, I can do it. You can not go. You’re as sick as a dog, Gus. You’re right, Gus. One more. Someone has to go there and rescue guys, right? That is why it is registered. I think this is my chance. Sailor Ervin Maske, Stonehorse lightship. The pumps can not keep up. Three more feet until they lose those engines. Kun je volgooien the boiler? You’re crazy if you think you can control with ropes and hand tiller. You have a better idea? I know. There are. A sandbar about a mile. We can save. Helm, degrees to port. Half the speed if we want to achieve. , Turn degrees on the compass to .. Helm, degrees to port. Half speed. degrees at : of the compass. degrees to port. Half speed. degrees at : of the compass. Helm, degrees to port. Half speed. degrees at : of the compass. Helm, degrees to port. Half speed. degrees at : of the compass. Dank je, Eldon. Okay, guys. Now pull. Draw, come on. Tell me bring the boat to a bigger boat. Have you ever been in a rescue mission? Do not. Usually paint chips. Sometimes I cook for the children. Amazing. Take it. Ervin, Yes. Richie, the fall of the aanmeerlijn as soon as possible. The last known position of Pendleton is here. When we get to that bar, I believe that the current game she must have driven by here. This is km from us. So you think that Bernie can take us beyond the sandbar this? I’ve never seen anything like it. Yes, just make sure we do not run, that’s all. The force of the waves on the sand, you can pick game and run. There is no way to survive. That’s a vortex. Fitz, it’s okay? Test it. Let the lines go. The lines are loose. Bernie, Gus is left? Miriam, what are you doing here? He has gone? Yes, Cluff fired him. I want to talk to him. How? Cluff. His commanding officer. Where is? I have to figure out where Bernie. I worry about him. We were getting married. Miriam, this is not what the other girls. Or women. They do not come here, and they do not. So? If you wish, you can expect here. Listen to what is going on. Sit down. The tide is rising. Later we went through the bank. We need to give hard. Yes, there is no other way. Golf. Feel that? They drift. We are the lost helm. Let’s get to slow down, otherwise never get to shore. Close the valves, stop propulsion. Let’s isolate the boiler. Let’s grab everything you have. I still say, Bouloo. This boat just bad luck. It has nothing to do with luck. Chatham train station, this is the CG-. Can you hear me? This station is Chatham. , what is your location through? Chatham train station, to go long on Morris Island. Towards the sandbar Chatham. About. What does it mean to go to the sandbar? Miriam, do not do this to yourself. Why not? Why not, Gus? When I’m with him, I want to know. You’re the girl with the bearskin, right? Yes I am. You wanna tell me what you feel? Cliffs on sandbar that are never twice in the same place. The flood moved game and tilt, while in the cliff face, or stuck on the sandbar. When you crash out against the sandbar. That man does not have to send them to the sandbar in a storm like this. Perhaps you can turn around. Perhaps they have already lost. They can not go out. You know Bernie, right? You know he will not be lost there. You know he follows the rules. Yes, we know. We’re all going to dock. Let’s see if there’s anything we can do. You can come if you want. Miriam, kom hier. Excuse me, you are ordering Cluff? Who are you? I am the girlfriend Miriam Pentinen Bernie Webber. I want to recall Bernie. The lady in which I asked for it. You know what you want to do? Your permission to marry me. That’s between you, him and his God. I ask me is just a formality. He can marry whomever she wants. I did not know? But you can not be here. It’s Bernie. Chatham sandbar in a straight line along. , Chatham train station. Go to the back of Pendleton. I have not received Chatham train station. The conditions are extreme. Why give us permission if you send it to death? For the love of God? Gouthro out of here. Lord, the wind has increased from to from the first message. That will be hurricane strength within an hour. Gouthro, he has his orders. So out of here, and go to bed. You’re too sick to be here. , Chatham train station, continue on the sandbar. Again, continue. If you’re over it, go directly south. The radar showed a beep. About km east of Monomoy Point to the south. About. Chatham train station, this is the . Thank you. I have heard what everyone says. You do not know what you are doing. Excuse me? Maybe because you are not from the neighborhood. You do not know how it is there. How do you know what it feels like, miss? Please call back. How do you think is going to marry someone in the Coast Guard? Please call you back. Do you come here every time shooed if you are in the water? Call them back. You do not belong here. Call them back. Out of here. From my station. And back home where you belong, Miss. Call back. Far from my station. The coast is behind us. The only possibility is a sharp turn, if the chains holding it. We could capsize. That is good. You must remain, guys. If such links and chains are broken, so go through you. Here we go. She moves. Hear that? That’s the sandbar. A few more minutes, guys. when I was a small child He told my mother me ead at full speed forward Full speed ead, Joe I met a Yankee girl maar ze vet was in lui Full speed ead Full speed ead, Joe when I met an Irish girl who drives me crazy Full speed ead Full speed ead, Joe and now at full speed, we are required to better weather Full speed ead Full speed ead, Joe Boys. We will not see much. So you have to listen to the waves. And counting. So I’m waiting for a sign, then go. We have faith that, Skip. When finished, go, Bernie. The compass is gone. Fitzy, motor is dood. I have it. No, you are not. It has about five seconds, guys. It is gravity, I do not know game I know. Come on, opens. Maske. Come here. The tide is rising. This brings us through. But let me know what is coming. Hey, Fitz. We are on the sandbar it. Back to the stage. I’m coming. We have become too late. Then we have to go back. Sybert say we need degrees within two minutes, if not the sandbar lost. degrees within two minutes. degrees within two minutes. degrees within two minutes. degrees within two minutes. We continue to push back and let us across the ocean. Hang on. Hou je vast, Eldon. . . Turn it off as soon as she touches it. Here we go. . Put your brace, gentlemen. Hang on. Do not. New game You di it. It worked, Mr. Sybert. We need to keep away the water in the engine air intakes. Without energy, we lose our pumps. We get so much water in which the weight can push us to the sandbar. It feels weird not to move, right Eldon? So get to work. We go to the cabin. All good? Calm down, do me a favor. I was on my way home and my car ended up in a ditch. I need help.

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