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With madness, what madness takes from you is your essence and you’re always trying to find your way back. And it is like a maze. So that’s pertinent I suppose, in some ways, that they’re going to put one here. There was so much distress and so much misery here, and brutality in lots of ways that people experienced. To see them mocked in any way is upsetting. And that’s upsetting for me to think that they would be mocked in any way. And also that idea that people who were here were violent and dangerous, which couldn’t be further from the truth, sort of fitting into that stereotype that people who experience any sort of mental illness or any sort of mental distress are fundamentally dangerous. SCREAMS AND CRIES SHOUTING IN DISTRESS INCOHERENT SHOUTING GRUNTING INTERVIEWER: What have you got there? CAMERON: A straitjacket that I ordered from America. SCREAMING CAMERON IN CHARACTER: Things grow like death down here. INTERVIEWER: So, what character are you playing? CAMERON: Basically it’s just a psychopath that’s slightly childish but smart. Educated kind of psycho. CAMERON IN CHARACTER: Then when I came back here they locked me into this. But one of my arms is free now. CACKLES CAMERON: Sometimes if I’m sitting there the straitjacket I start thinking about it just what happened and if I’m being disrespectful. Because some of it was pretty bad. INTERVIEWER: In the hospital? CAMERON: Yeah. DEBORAH: Hearing voices has never actually been a problem. It’s the impact that the voices had on me. My parents became concerned with my behaviour as such because I was very confused about things. I would disappear, they wouldn’t know where I was and I couldn’t remember what I’d done. I was sent to a doctor in Auckland Hospital. He was a psychiatrist, he told my parents that he believed that I should be committed. And my parents used to come and see me regularly. After being here for a while they were told their visits upset me. And in that day, when the doctor said something, then that was it. So they stopped coming to see me and I never saw them for years. SPEAKER: There’s people who run big businesses and, to be honest, I think some of them should have a psychiatric assessment. They’ve got no compassion or anything like that. And then there’s people who are full of compassion and, you know, have got a more eccentric view and they’re less tolerated than those people who bully and badger people and they’re who cause people like that to have mental health issues, you know. You know what I mean? CAMERON: Dyslexia, it’s a learning disability so, learning is a bit harder. But also having ADHD with it as well, is annoying because I’ve got to take medication to make me concentrate on my work, otherwise I’d be looking round and doing texting or reading stuff on the internet. My only problem was that it wasn’t really pointed out or anything when I was younger. All the teachers just thought that I was just a bad kid. I did get bullied about having dyslexia and all that a lot. I get called stupid a lot. But then working here has helped

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