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A crash. No… No ,Annie. Get out of me way. Annie. Annie. Syracuse. Syracuse. She’s okay. She’s in good hands. Tell me what happened! A terrible accident, But Annie is All right. Annie is fine… You where wearing , Your seatbelt, Love? What happened? We don’t know yet. She’s all right. Father ? Please God forgive me. Can we just continue, Move to another room, Do you want to follow me. Something wrong? What is happening? I don’t know. What is happening? The doctor will explain. Syracuse, Can we talk in private? What’s going on? Alex had a doner card. What? We have a tissue match, Strangest thing but, it has happened. Are you serious? Come on. So why are you here? Do you speak their language now? It’s softer than ours. I wish you where dead. None of us have that luck. So, The sea spit you out did it? Can swallow me again… We don’t belong here? Do we… So,..Go home. I can’t, Police want to talk to me. About what? She came from nowhere. Drunk. They should talk to her not me. Tell them that, I will. And then you tell me.

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