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One two three What are you doing? This is what happens when the ancient paints react to the air. Get educated, ignorant! You see? See? This is the difference between professional and amateur. By the way, keep an eye on your guys. From now on everyboday follows my order. Is this Khitanan? What does it say? A blind would see that it says Tomb raiders shall die. It is more than a few words This frescoe must have been for a thousand years. We can get at least a cruise if we trade it in the US. And some girls too. Worth getting some kicks. Wait for me! You guys over there. Wow, look at him. Great pose. Enough“. This is just a door man. Is that a dog head? Don’t mess around. Follow his order. Master, this bronze badge is the same with what we had. No no This is not a job for little girls Master Holy , this is… Keep your hands off Be quiet. This corpse has been here for more than a thousand years It goes into dust once the wind blows Stay still. It’s poisonous. Stay away from them. It’s infectious. Master Help Me! Master, help me please! Let the great awareness descent upon them, and the great relief be with them. Let the great awareness descent upon them, and the great relief be with them. Let the great awareness descent upon them, and the great relief be with them. Yoko Bastards. What’s wrong? Hey! Are you guys deaf? What did you do? Tonight is our last chance. Let’s make our aspiration to relieve all creatures come true. You are so cruel. Let the great awareness descent upon them, and the great relief be with them. Keep those nonsense to yourself. Shut up! The Master is releasing the souls of the dead from hell. Take it easy. You little pussy. He is still alive For real. Grill!Run! Stay away from them. Where to? The first obstacle is, the first… …whatever. Wait for me! We are back here again. This is a maze. What poison it is? It turned them into zombies. To the other side! Here again. Abracadabra. There you go. Oi. You think that you are something? you. Gross! Mr. Wang, this must be the legendary weapon to kill all the zombies. Hard boiled mule foot. Mr. Wang. hold it off! Damn… Master Kai, this mule foot might be boiled too much. The heavenly god overpowers the tiger on the ground The holy tower suffocates the ghost of the river. Finally. Go! Great. Now we are saved. Who needs to be saved by him? Why don’t you go back to the capitalists and drink Coca Cola. See? They don’t need you at all, and you are dumb enough to go all the way here only to be scolded. Let’s get out first then you can bicker Let’s go back from our way in. Go! Go! It’s over. We’re stuck here. Surely one of the cave leads to the exit among all. There is a statue in each cave. Goat Chicken D Mouse It’s the Zodiac. No. Only eight caves. Not twelve. It’s the eight trigrams of fortune, the ‘Ba Gua’. What on earth is this place? We’ve been running back and forth for a hundred times. Every animal represents a diagram. To seek the Dragon through obstacles, each obstacle is a gate. All the obstacles are made up of the Ba Gua. The entry is horse. Horse signifies fire. Mouse,horse, water fire..goat, earth…dog.. The opposite of northwest is the exit. Dog is the exit. Come on! Dog! Go to hell! Come on ! Let’s gm! Be quick! I can’t go on. Let’s go back and leave this chaos. Go. Let’s go. Go. Back. Back where? I’ve signed the contract. You are just a money-grabber, with no resistence to temptation. He is the one with no resistence to temptation. Fled to America in your trickery, and lived a life by cheating on street. That’s what you call quitting. Now that Mojin Xiaoweis are all here, as if instructed by god, you are welcomed to give me your hands. Hold on there, young ladies. Now we’ve got another case. I believe you’ve heard of these two The great Mr. Hu, Hu Bayi and Miss Shirley Young. They are the best of the best. It’s one thing to pay for Mr. Wang’s effort and it’s another to pay for the Mojin team, which is rare in our business. Lucky you. Afihough, the cost will go all the way up. There is too much evil in this world, and great calamities will descend upon human. If you can help me, the world will be saved. There were so many killed by you. Is that what you call saving the world? Their sacrifices are for the greater believes. For you. For us all. They are the true believers. Are you mad? Madam Please excuse us. We three have washed our hands, and this is not our thing any more. You’d better think twice before you act. Let’s go. Mr Hu, How much do you want? Name a price. Stop acting like Saints. Petty tomb-raiders. Say it again? Tomb-raiders? You are worse than tomb-raiders. We are ‘bringing the feudalism down to the ground’ and you? You are stabbing your people behind their backs. How glorious you are! This is Lady Ying Caihong who’s born in the countryside of Sichuan Province. A faker huh? She’s said to have a black pupil and a yellow one so that she could see the gods and the ghosts. Deemed to be an ominous figure by the villagers, she was adopted by a tycoon from Japan. However, it was more than just ‘adopted’… Stop making stories or I’ll make you stop! Miss Yang.

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