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maybe just a little bit. Just a little’s okay. Okay, pancakes, bacon and sausage, toast, home fries. Oh, thank you. You sure you don’t want some? Mm-mm. Because you know, you’re paying so. The pancakes don’t come with real maple syrup? Extra. Real maple syrup, two please. Thanks a lot. I’m not used to this. None of my boyfriends ever take me out. You’re the first. ♫ I’ve been driftin’ round just to try to find ♫ All my life ♫ I’ve been drifin’ round waiting all this time ♫ All my life ♫ For you ♫ You ♫ And I don’t know what to do ♫ You’re Puerto Rican, right? Mm-mm, I’m Dominican, can’t you tell? Uh-uh. What are you? Mexican. Syrup. Oh, thank God. You Mexican? Uh-huh. Me too. Yeah. Well, half Mexican. Like to know which half? Okay, thank you. Thank you! Do you– Do you need– No! Okay. Anyway, yeah I’m so Dominican, look it, I got a big and a bad temper. What else could I be? Psych, know when to stop, when to stop. Yeah, you’re Dominican all right. ‘Cause you’re so ing goofy. Keep it cute, papi. You wanna see me be rough? Yeah, please. What? Come here. I didn’t mean to kiss you. I just wanted to make you to stop talking. That’s the way to do it. You havin’ a good time? Bet you wanna marry me. Hey baby. Come on, I’ll show you all the stuff I brought back. Yeah. Did you take pictures? Yeah, I just gotta download ’em, but look what I got you. Aw, did you get me anything else? Come on, don’t be like that. Hey, come meet my boyfriend. Want to stay for breakfast? “I guess we have to go back.” My name is Elliot Ayende. I was born in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York. Ma says my father run into her life like a knight in shining armor. Problem was, he kept on going. Ever since, it’s always been just the two of us, usually. What the does your son do in the bathroom all day? Same thing you do out here all day, sit on my ass. You know kid, just ’cause I’ve only been with your mom for two weeks, don’t think I won’t kick your ass. Oh, don’t make me laugh. That would require you to get off the couch. Ma says she’s only attracted to one kinda guy: the wrong kind. What the are you lookin’ at? Just not used to seeing you stand. Recently, Ma and I decided to move. Eviction? I don’t know what they’re talking about because I pay the ing rent. And now we’re making a fresh start. Alright Ma, this is your last chance. What takes you so long? Are you passing a brick? What? I’m so sorry. Oh my God. Elliot, get your things together, okay? Your mother’s here. You’re excused for the day. Thank you. I’m so sorry. Come here. Thank you. If there’s anything you need at all, please let me know, okay? Okay, thank you. Anything, oh, and I assigned the children show and tell, something about their parents. It’s due next week. Okay. Don’t hesitate, okay? Okay. We have a counselor here, for anything. Okay, thank you. Okay, have a good day. Thanks. Bye honey. What’s wrong? Shut up. What did you do? I told her that your father’s parents died in a plane crash. Ma! What? It happens all the time. I need to talk to you about something important, come on. It must suck to be stuck in here all day. El, look. Look at how nice that car is. What kind of a car is that? I think, I think it’s a Grand Prix. That is nice. It sucks being poor. I know, tell me about it. So are you gonna listen to my surprise or are you gonna eat? What’s up? Today when I was watching the Price is Right, I won the Showcase Showdown! No! Uh-huh, listen to this. Listen to what I could’ve won because you’re not gonna ing believe it. A brand new dining room set from Ethan Allen, a set of Baccarat crystal to go with the dining room set, six nights, seven days in Hawaii and a brand new Ford Granada! It was the best showcase ever. In all of my years watching the Price is Right it has never been that good. I think Bob Barker couldn’t believe it. It was like he wanted to bid on it too. So, how much was it? Guess. Dining room set, crystal, trip and a car. Ten thousand? I hate when you do that! Come on, I hate when you deliberately underbid, so you don’t go over. Play right or don’t play. Alright, alright. Twenty thousand. Are you sure? Uh-huh. You don’t want to change your bet? Mm-mm. You overbid. No! You always do that. You always overbid. Always. You know what it was? ,, I guessed it on the nose, so that means I won both showcases. What was in the other showcase? Oh my God, who cares? There was like a snowmobile or something. I mean, what am I supposed to do, ride the snowmobile to the ing supermarket? No, the only thing that we need is the car. Well, the car and the dining room set. The rest we would sell. What? What? I had a few fries. You had them all! Don’t exaggerate, I had a few. I hate when you pick at my food! Why didn’t you just get your own? Oh, oh, why? Because this morning when I woke up, our last name wasn’t Rockefeller, okay? Listen, I gotta talk to you. Tonight I’m gonna be at the Dunkin’ Doughnuts from pm to am, okay? Have fun, woman. Oh, alright, well, you know you two are gonna be home together. He’s going to be there? Where else would my boyfriend be? I don’t know, some place where he’s paying rent. Stop it! El, El come on, don’t be that way. Come on, I do so much for you. Like right now you could be stuck in school, instead we get to go home and watch All My Children together. I want things to work out this time, El. What did I tell you? I want us to have a fresh start. Come on, don’t you want that? You ought to give it a chance. Ma, you gotta stop this. Don’t start with me. Alright. Alright? You gonna help me out? You’ll make an effort? And when we go see my family this weekend for Grandma’s birthday you’ll tell them everything’s great, hmm? Chulo? You wanna get dessert? We don’t got money for that. Oh stop it, don’t you be a spoil-sport. I’m having a great day. I won both showcases. Come on, hurry up. What do you want? Banana split. My favorite! With chocolate ice cream? No, vanilla. Miss? Miss, can I have a banana split with one scoop vanilla and one scoop chocolate and two spoons? We’re gonna share, alright? Thank you. Thank you, papa. When was the last time you saw All My Children? Monday. Oh, let me fill you in. After Joe Elliot! Sally! Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. Oh my God, Sally, you’re not going to believe my week. What’s going on? First, I was all down and depressed and suicidal, but then I met the cutest guy and he was so sweet, we’re having the best time together. MONDAY Baby, want to see my dance of clean? Yes. You’re clean. And things are going great and we’re even talking about maybe moving in together. Elliot, I like you a lot and I never said this to no guy before, but Radio I want you to wear my chain. Thank you, Mikey. Baby, wanna see my dance of clean? TUESDAY Oh, you know it. You’re clean. Sounds fabulous. No, Sally, unfortunately the relationship took a rapid turn for the worse. WEDNESDAY Baby, wanna see my dance of clean? Elliot, you’re blocking Judge Jane. Excuse me, I’m the judge here, I’m the judge! Oh. Do not interrupt me, sir I want to know what happened. It turns out the whole three days he was with me, he was kicking it to another guy.

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