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town in the va ey. Yeah. Hey, man, you get high? Yeah. Yeah, here and there. Yeah? We , I don’t know. Coup e of guys are gonna go burn this with me in my room pretty soon. If you wanna join that. Yeah. Yeah, maybe. Yeah? A right. A right. Coo . BRUM: Whoo! I’ bet you bucks. Ten bucks? Yeah. Ten bucks. You wanna go Radio That’s steep for you. Best out of three. So, I gotta get two? Yeah, Mac, two. Okay. You fee ike osing bucks? You’re just excit to hit off me for once, huh? Oh, man. I mean, this is gonna be fun. This is gonna be very fun, Nesbit. Man, et me get a itt e stretch in. Come on. Come on, Mr. Ax. Strong Man. Anytime. P UM: . I don’t be ieve what I just saw. You know how strong you’d have to be to do that? And the eyes! ROPER: et me see that. P UM: You know how we you’d have to see the ba to hit it with an ax? crazy. You just wou dn’t isten, Nez. You wanna go ha f price? We can stop now. We can ca it five bucks. No, no, no. Doub e or nothing. Trip e or nothing. Huh? Yeah, you fee ing ucky? I am. I fee great with those odds. Trip e or nothing sounds fantastic. Maybe one of the best days of my ife here, Nez. You know, unti tomorrow. (DISCO MUSIC P AYING) What was that? (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) DA E: You’re gonna be squashed, Jake. Ooh. I hate this game. It starts out easy, and then it just gets impossib e. I’m te ing you. Yeah, man, I must’ve wasted, ike, $ in quarters on this ast summer, just getting ream by these itt e ers. You can’t win. Once they get up on you, you’re ed. Sounds of amateurs who have not yet master the gap method. P UM: What the is the gap method? JAKE: You’re ooking at it, P um. ike you were saying, most peop e ose at this point not because they get shot, but because they get overrun. But I discover that they actua y don’t shoot you from the abso ute front row. , they don’t? No. You just gotta create a c earing of co umns. You see what I’m doing right there? Yeah. Make your space, okay? You just ho d your ground in there. Just gets a itt e hairy. They spe up at the end. See that guy? See how fast he’s going? A right? But you just gotta remain ca m, meet them in the midd e and Radio nai that! in A, man! Okay! Okay! Gimme some dap! Gimme some dap! Oh, , come on. Oh, . Yeah, yeah, yeah. A : Oh! It’s the same shot every time! Same shot every time! A right. You know, um, Mac? I Radio This is suppos to be fun, and now I’m not having fun. We , it’s not his fau t. It’s our fau t. Thank you. You can’t teach this chemistry. You can’t. We’ve been together for three years! I know where I’m going with it before he even gets it to me. Yeah, and I know where he wants it. That’s specia . FINN: et me ta k, man. ROPER: That ass is go den. Abso ute y, say no more. Whoa. Hey. The stick? Are you kidding me? What, I’m just trying to make the shot. Okay. Not with this you’re not. Okay, Brum, have your ba s dropped? Yeah. Yeah? Okay, now p ay ike you got some semen in your sack, Brum. Okay. Okay? A right. Okay. (CHUCK ES) What the he is this? P ease. (GRUNTING) What are you doing? Putting it on. First time wearing co ogne? No. Get it on there, man. Get it under your arms and on your chest. Don’t just put it on your neck. Come on. I don’t know, man. (SNIFFS) Too much of this sme s ike cat piss. Yeah, no . Trying to he p you out, and you’re gonna question me? Jesus. I’m te ing you, man, chicks dig this . A right? Now you can come back here and do the five-knuck e shuff e a night if you want to. I don’t rea y care. What’s the five-knuck e shuff e? Jesus, freshman, figure it out, man. Oh. ( AUGHS) Hey, good one, McReyno ds. You’re so desperate, dude. Desperate for pussy! ( AUGHS) (EXHA ES) This shirt makes me sad, man. Uh, what’s up, guys? You ost? (SIGHS) Oh, I got the best cheese on campus. I mean, gir s, they come up to me out of the b ue and they say, “You got the best cheese on campus.” JAKE: Yeah? Sure those pants cou dn’t be a itt e tighter there? (EXHA ING SHARP Y) Nope. No? What are you doing? I’m going through your a bum co ection. Oh, okay, don’t mind me. ROPER: ( AUGHS) Ho y ! Nesie, ook at what I found here. (BOTH AUGHING) ROPER: “nd Team A -State.” Yeah, so? You’re a badass! Hey, guys! We got a nd Team A -Stater among us! off with that , boy. ( AUGHS) Go y gee, you’re good. You’re good. Hey, I’m sure afraid to hit off you, nd Team A -State. Yeah, I’m scared. Ooh! nd Team A -State. ROPER: Scariness. Wait. Oh, wait. Did I ask you guys to be in my room right now? No. No. Goodbye. We , ook at you. (SCOFFS) Nice ife you got here, Joe Co ege. I mean, you got your who e room to yourse f for the weekend, and you got your a bums. This is mine now. Borrowing this. Hey, wait. Hey, no. Hey, you return that with one scratch on it, Nez Radio What? What? What? Just return my a bum, man. What? What? What? (KNOCKS) (SOFT Y) Ooh. , that guy’s weird. (DISCO MUSIC P AYING) Oh, yeah, on the gun, officia . Cou d’ve gone to anywhere in Texas. I had a stack of offers about that high, that high. A most went to USC. Were you drafted? Yeah, yeah. The B ue Jays a most pick me up, but I to d them I’m going to co ege for a coup e of years. Good move. Yeah, yeah. You drafted? No. McReyno ds was. Rea y? Hmm. P UM: You got some moves. A ison, right? ike your dress. B ue, ike your eyes. Radio baseba team. , you ike baseba , too? Some nice Radio . it, man. (SIGHS) We suck tonight. Dude, this is getting ridicu ous. We suck so hard. I’m gonna get a drink. Man’s drink! A rea drink! ( AUGHS) Yeah! Yeah, do that! Way to go! A right. I’ see you guys in a bit. Right. See ya. Okay. A right. God, am I the on y person iving in rea ity here? That I’m not gonna be p aying this game forever? Hey, man, you gotta appreciate it whi e it asts, you know? I mean, I’m a good co ege p ayer. But beyond that, I’m not counting on anything. Screwdriver! This p ace is awesome. ( AUGHS) I’ve been dancing up on ike five gir s a night ong, man. That’s not true, though. You haven’t danc with one gir yet. Yeah, I have. Oh, yeah. Before you got here. I was a up on ’em, man. Hey, who’s that douchebag she’s dancing with? DA E: Oh, Thompson? He’s a footba p ayer. What a dyke! P UM: Man, this is savage. We’re getting hos out here. JAKE: sucks. You know what? I mean, taking account of the situation, we’re not doing so hot, but we’re in the ear y innings. We got a who e game to p ay. Yeah. FINN: This is co ege, Jake, a right? The gir s can be as big of s uts as the guys! Make it work for you. Hey, screwdriver! Okay? It’s not the writing of the Magna Carta! That’s a book. Who drinks a screwdriver, anyway? I drink a screwdriver! Everybody I know drinks a screwdriver. You know who drinks a screwdriver? My itt e sister drinks a screwdriver too. Oh, rea y? Does she? Does she have b ue eyes and a big ass ike you? Huh? I bet she has a big ass. Big mouth! Yeah. (EXHA ES) Did he just f ick a ime in my drink? (EXHA ES) Did he just Radio It’s a screwdriver! You don’t f ick a ime! You don’t have ime in a screwdriver! Hey, motherer! et’s go, Pancho Vi a! I’m gonna come back there, and I’ make you my

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