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And there was no water to drink. You should have woken me. You were in a deep sleep. Did not want to wake you up. Hey, what are you doing near that well ? I was checking if the water is there or not. just throw a stone inside, if it makes “blup” sound then water is there, else not. I will remember that. You seem to be new to this place. I am Tenkabail Kaalingabhatta. Gautham ? like Buddha ! When did you come to this place ? We came just last night . Oh! this is your first day here! I welcome you to our village. Welcome to Kamaruttu How are you feeling about this place ? It is very beautiful. But also very mysterious. You seem to have learned a lot about this place in just one day. What you told as mysterious is true. A few minutes back my wife felt like someone pulled her into the well. Take a piece of advice. Do not search for answers to all the mysterious things in our village. You will not find the answers anyway. If you find anything weird around, stay away from it. You seem to know something about it ? If I tell you, You might laugh. No no, tell me. There is a belief that a Brahma- Rakshasa (Devil) lives in that well. My grandparents used to tell me stories about deaths near that well. Even now people say not to look back when someone calls near that place, unless called thrice. Why thrice ? Devil only calls twice, so do not look back untill someone calls you times, even if it is your wife’s voice. This is a problem, if I turn Devil would kill me, if I don’t wife would kill me. Can I get information about this post box number ? I cannot do that. I cannot understand the language, by my ears are just fine! Do people hunt here at night ? People used to hunt, but forest department has become strict , now nobody hunts. Sometimes when Wildbore problems increase, they hunt them. Last night while crossing the bridge, I saw fire at a distance and some strange noise. I was thinking not to tell you, but since you are asking now.. Angara’s ghost lives in that house. Some people have even seen him near that house in his costumes. You know Narnu.. Who is Narnu ? The boat guy, He saw that ghost once, and got bedridden for weeks. Who is this Angara? is it Brahma- Rakshasa devil ? No no, that is different. Only god know how may ghosts live in that house. Okay, I need to get some things to the house, now leave me to the post office. Hey Gautham, how come you are at post office on your first day itself ? How come you are here ? I am the post-master of the village. Then I came to see! What can I do for you? I need a post box. Hahaha..This post office does not have doors and chairs, how can we give a post box. There is only one post box, at the post office. I will be getting posts regarding my work. I do not give my home address. Is there any other way ? Give them the post office address, You can directly collect them from me. Lets go to lunch, who do we have here ? Seeing someone at the post-office after many years. This is Shankar master, head master of the school here. This is Gautham, he has come to Kamaruttu house. You look like a guy from city, what are you doing here ? I am working for a US magazine, so I am doing some research on Dakshina Kannada culture. I might have read your article. The magazine only gets published in US. Where? East coast or West coast ? Entire USA. Dont bore him with your lectures. Kaalinga, you have your Yakshagana next week right? Gautham, It might be helpful for your article. He is the lead there. This is the invitation, bring your wife too. Sure, Indu would be happy to meet you and your family. I am a bachelor, I do not have family, nor the stress. Then you can wait until called thrice! I will explain it on the way. Stop here Why Anna ? Get all the stuff to home, I will come there in a while. It is going to rain. It will stop. You leave now. Who are you ? Anna, my name is Girija What are you doing here ? My house is nearby Anna. Manjakku is my mother in law. Manjakku means that old lady who looks after our house, right ? She cannot look after anything, someone has to look after her! Actually I am the one who cleans Kamaruttu house, once a month. Nobody lives in that house. We will be staying in that home. Please come and clean it everyday. My wife is pregnant. Help her if she needs anything. I will come tomorrow Anna, I cannot come daily, I have other works too. I will come and clean the house weekly once okay. Okay. Dont roam around in this place. You will be all well. Take my special tablets okay. What about you? Hold it up! Doctor, Shouldn’t he lay down for doing that ? Who is the doctor? me or you? idiot! Whats the score ? wickets are down. Who all ? Kohli, clean bold. He is useless. He is just fit for showing off. You can come after a week and get the stitches removed. Or else you can just pull the thread yourself. Doctor, is it a zip to just pull it like that ? Go give that urine sample to the lab idiot. You seem to be new to this place. yeah, came here just days back. I am staying in Kamaruttu house. special tablet, morning once, noon once and night once. Take until gets over. Over? tablet or me ? Both.

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