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I’ll go out the way I came in. I don’t want to hear another word about quitting. When the going gets rough, they all talk about retirement. Not me. I’ve had it rough before. I’m a barracuda. I don’t need pills like Neely. Sure, I know you dried her out, but it won’t last. Neely hasn’t got that hard core like me. She never learned to roll with the punches. And believe me, in this business, they come left, right and below the belt. Neely has no class, no real down-to-the-gut class. But she’s talented, Henry. She’s really got it. I knew that when I kicked her out of my show. She’d never believe it, but I’m sorry for her. Nothing can destroy her talent. But she’ll destroy herself. And you, Lyon Radio you’d better watch it. Sure. Everything’s rosy now. You skip from one thing to another, one dame to another. But watch it, my friend. Find yourself a good girl, have kids, or one day you’ll wind up alone like me and wonder what the hell happened. Gotta get off Gonna get Have to get off from this ride Gotta get hold Gonna get Need to get hold of my pride When did I get Where did I How was I caught in this game? When will I know Where will I How will I think of my name? When did I stop Feeling sure Feeling safe And start wondering why? Wondering why? Is this a dream? Am I here? Where are you? What’s in the back of the sky? Why do we cry? Gotta get off Gonna get Out of this merry-go-round Gotta get off Gonna get Need to get on where I’m bound Tell me, when will I know? How will I know? When will I know Why? Allison’s gotta go. I will not let that girl steal the show. She almost walked off with it at dress rehearsal. It’s just too late. It can’t be done. Lyon, she hasn’t got a run-of-the-play contract. She can be fired right now. I want her out. Boy, the old star sickness begins to appear. No more gratitude. Just power. Well, I’m not gonna do it, Neely. You don’t fool me. You’re scared! You just wanna stay in good with Merrick. I should’ve known this was gonna happen. Anne tried to warn me. What the hell does Anne know? I didn’t have dough handed to me because of my good cheekbones. I had to work for it. She’s gone through life on a pass because of her damn classy looks. I wanna tell you something. Everyone gets paid back. Do you hear? Everyone! I’m not everyone. I don’t have to live by stinking rules set down for ordinary people! I licked pills, booze and the funny farm. I don’t need anybody or anything. Well, that’s good, because I’m leaving. Who needs you? I’m sick of you. You’re just an agent. And you’re just a Helen Lawson. And not even that, because she’s a professional. They love Helen Lawson, and they love Neely O’Hara! Come on, guys! Move it, move it! Let’s go. Come on, girls. Come on, girls. Where’s Miss O’Hara? She’s in her dressing room. I’ll get her. Come on. Move it down. Move it down. Curtain time, Miss O’Hara. Miss O’Hara? Well, where is she? She won’t open up the door. Neely? Neely, open the door. You’re on. Neely! Hi! My God, you’ve got on your costume for the second act. So? I’ll do the second act first. Quick, call Mr. Merrick. Get the understudy. I’m ready, Mr. Hamilton. You get lost, sister. I’m fine. I am just dandy! You let go of me, you big jerk! It’s getting late. I think we ought to go. The understudy was great, especially in the dream sequence. Thank you. I wonder what happened to Neely O’Hara. Are you kidding? They said she had laryngitis. Who had laryngitis? Anyway, that new girl was terrific. She sure was. It was a lovely evening nevertheless. My beautiful little dolls. Just one Radio and one more. We’re closing now, Miss O’Hara. All right, Edward. All right. Here. Keep the change? Shall I call you a cab? I don’t need it. I don’t need anybody. ‘Cause I got talent, Edward. Big talent. They love me. Hey! Where is everybody? Hey, everybody, where are you? Where are you? Gone. Gone. Everybody’s gone. To hell with them. Who needs ’em? The whole world loves me! Where are you? Lyon? Anne. Jennifer. Ted! Mel. God. God. God? Neely. Neely O’Hara! Neely. Neely! Neely. Neely. So many years, I Radio I prayed for this moment. Now that it’s come, I don’t feel a thing. Does that mean you won’t marry me? It wouldn’t work, Lyon. Isn’t there anything I can do to change your mind? No, Lyon. Not now. Anne Radio Perhaps someday, Lyon. I don’t know. Good-bye. Gotta be here Gonna be Have to be where I belong Now that I know Had to know Came to know where I went wrong It was all here Here it was Why was I blind to it then? This is my world Here it is This is where I’ll start again Was it a dream? Was it real? Was I there? Tell me, when will I know? How will I know? When will I know why? but he’s so cute he could be Puerto Rican, what you think? He’s fine. He’s fine? Mm-hmm, he’s fine. He’s fine? Mm-hmm, he’s fine. You sure? Yeah, Hector, I’m sure. He’s fine, he’s alright, okay. Alright, damn, calm down. I just don’t want to embarrass myself. I have a reputation to maintain after all. I’m sure. Okay. We’ll be headin’ out. And don’t let me catch you makin’ eyes at no one. Peace out. What were we talking about? So you wanna smoke out with me? So Elliot, I think you’re really cute. Nuh-uh. Yeah, you’re really hot. I get away with a lot. Psych, know when to stop. You know what Elliot means in old German? No, tell me. He who walks with God. What? It’s true, no lie. Here. What do you want to do after this? Can we get something to eat? He was lying to me. He was cheating on me. He had a girlfriend. He was cheating his girlfriend. I was so naive. And then after him I dated this guy Edmundo. And how long was this one? Two days. Wow, pretty intense relationship. Yeah, it was. Wow, he really broke my heart, you know? Anyway. So, what happened? He was, you know a dog and he did a lot of ty behind my back. So what’d you do? Did you beat him up? No, me and my friend Sally, she’s my best friend, were gonna throw a brick through the windshield of his Camry, but then I thought I gotta get past this. It’s not worth it. Yeah, best to put the whole two days behind you. Exactly! Are you making fun of me? Nah, nah, well,

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