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You were said to be in hospital with illness once he passed away. Suddenly reappeared several years later, you claimed to have obtained the power to save the world after discipline yourself in Everest. Having gone back to Hong Kong, you created the so called “Global Holy Disciplinary institution”, whose members are the ones with fame and fortune who would pay quite an amount of money. Please, Shirley. Dear lady, Oh no. Boss Ying. Please don’t take her words seriously. Young lady likes to know everything but with her heart of kindness… We’ve just got our collaboration going, Take it easy. Wang. What the hell! You find the tomb of the Goddess before dawn, and I’ll make him fit as a fiddle. President, there is a bridge Whatch out. Grow up guys. Find a way and get out. Yes, or I’ll say bye bye to the world. What on earth did I do to deserve this. Chairman Mao said, Be united, not devided. What’s in here? It’s so hard. What are looking at? A person of unity? Be united, bosses. Or else we would all die. Then we shall let them know who Mojin Xiaoweis really are. You asshole, I knew you’d keep the Mojin amulet. You said you have washed your hands. You are the one who cheated! I threw my watch instead to make you give up It was the watch I gave you. Yeah Nice kick, buddy You… Let me do it. Follow me. Watch out, Mr. Wang. Careful. Come here. You jerk, how come you are getting heavier? Do you ever poop? Have some pity, sir. I’m injured only because I worked too hard for you. Don’t. Help. Help! What bridge is this? Bridge to the hell, as it seems. It is the bracelet I gave to you. It was the watch I gave to you. The bridge sets fire to whatever rubs its surface. It’s a material of phosphorus, with very low ignition point. The owner of this tomb built the brige so that whoever intrudes would be burned to death. Are you sure with your decision? All obstacles are the tests of God, and we are ready to sacrifice ourselves. Please don’t waste your time, Mojin Xiaowei, What does the cracking planks on the bridge look like? Split not split. Split. The eight trigrams .. Ba Gua! The planks are in the shape of Ba Gua In which hides the password. To seek the Dragon through obstacles, each obstacle is a gate. All the obstacles are made up of the Ba Gua with Eight directions leading to life and death and four phases transfoming from nature to the universe: Heaven, Thunder, Fire, Mountain Lake, Wind, Earth, Water. NW, E, S, NE W, SE, SW, N Ba Gua represents the directions. North west it is. Please. We don’t need to throw something ahead first? This way. Quick. This gentleman looks scary. Let’s go. Which way? South West. Yoko. Go to get the last badge. Give it to me. Be careful Master. heads, getting into troubles again ! Now we are turning into fillet steaks. Run! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! The fire is breathing down my neck! Move! Quickly! It’s coming! Be quick, Mr.Wang. Quick! You are gaining weight all the time! Not the time to complain! Quick! I am on fire! God. It’s not our fault. There is no way to help them. Huh! At this point, it is better to help ourselves first. Lefsleave! Go. Go. Asbestos clothes. Let’s go. Go. Take a rest. We are at minus meters altitude, northwest . degree to the mountain. Southeast to the Yansai Lake and volcanic crater o Water sound over there. We can get out if we find the underground stream. Go. Mr. Wang. Let’s go. Mr. Wang. What are you waiting for? The fire to catch you? What do you mean? Are you really gonna leave? We are already here. I know what’s in your mind, but the past belongs to the past. We should look forward. Let’s go. You let things go easily all the time. I can’t. I do look back. I love someone and I never let go. I don’t know too much about literature as you do, Hu. Help me with this. Please. Wow, A poem of love. Don’t make fun of me. Would you check it? To whom? Whom? Not telling. Wang Kaixuan wrote a Love poem! Are you helping me or not? Yeah. Misspellings here here and here. Don’t heed it. E Er Gu Na River, you made a turn. Turn into my heart OK. I, Hu Bayi, decide to edit it for you myself. How about that? That’s my bro. Is there anything for your bro then? Who is helping you so much? The star badge. No way! Oi oi. It fits you. Ding, I’ve been resisting the temptation to ask if you are willing to sublimate our innocent comradeship of revolution. In what way? My heart started to shammer when I first saw your bright eyes Oh E Er Gu Na River Your long run have flown into the mountain of goddess Idiot! Flown into the mountain of gods, into my heart. Wang Kaixuan, Stop it please. People would hear. I am just reading what I felt. Wow, the star of the revolution. Where did you get it? A…a friend gave it to me. Hu… Hu Bayi? How did you know? I know Ding liked you more but I didn’t care I’m willing to do anything for her. It has been a million times in years in night time, when I didn’t know if I was awake or not I saw her face in front of me. Her looking at me asking if I’ve found the Equinox flower I could not answer. Don’t you forget about her death. Jump. Get in. Get in. Hu Bayi, get in. Be quick.

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