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for David Merrick? You think I could? You know you could. Merrick believes in you, and so do I. Lyon’s checked with the doctors here, and they say you can do it. What about the bad publicity? It’ll create sympathy. People love to forgive. Lyon, I’m really in great shape. I’ve changed. I’ve learned a lot of things. I used to work my heart out, kill myself. Not anymore. There are things I want, Lyon, and I’m gonna get ’em. You know something, Annie? One of the first things I’d like to have is this fellow of yours. You’d better watch out. How soon could I see him? Jennifer, why don’t you remember him as he was? I want to see him, Miriam. All right. I’ve booked you into a hotel near the studio. And why did you write me for an appointment with the doctor? He’s already told you everything he knows. It’s not about Tony. It’s for me. It must have been a shock when you discovered it. Lots of lumps mean nothing. Some are only cysts, aren’t they? Yes. But this one wasn’t. The doctor took a biopsy, and it was malignant. Jen, I’m sorry. It’s pretty hard to take. Tomorrow they have to perform a mastectomy. Doctor says it’s not the end of the world. He says lots of women live long and happy lives after successful breast surgery. Point is to catch it in time. I’m sure they will, Jen. Afterwards, you can come to the beach with us and recuperate. I’d love to. You know? It’s funny. All I’ve ever had was a body, and now I won’t even have that. Jen, now, stop talking like that. How am I gonna keep Tony in the sanitarium? When I saw him, he didn’t even know me. Well, Lyon will find you a job. I know he will. Anne, honey, let’s face it. All I know how to do is take off my clothes. Jen Radio Hello? Yes, I placed a call to Milwaukee. Anne, I’m all right. Really, I am. Run along. I’ll stay with you tomorrow. And don’t you worry. Bye. Bye. Hello. Mother? I had to talk to you. There’s something I have to tell you. I’m sorry Mrs. Gottlieb was shocked at my pictures. No, I won’t be undressing in public anymore. What did I have to tell you? Nothing. Nothing. Hello, Mother. Well, I just got in. I thought it was too late to call you. But I just sent you $ last week, Mother. Okay, I’ll send you $ as soon as I get my paycheck. Tony! Jen! Tony! Tony. Tony! A while Who cares if love is lost If love is brief As a song? Let’s go. Come live With me Come live With me All right, folks. Excuse me. What Radio What happened? Tell us what happened. Can you tell us what happened? Who is that? Miss Welles, you were the last one to see her alive. Do you know any reason why she would take her own life? Was she depressed? No, she Radio she was in good spirits. But do you know any reason why she would take her own life? None. She was excited about her new contract. Then you think it was accidental. Yes, I’m sure of it. Could you give us her measurements? All right. That’s enough! That enough! All right, break it up. Come on. Break it up. A drink, a drink, a drink. I made one for you. Here. Thank you. What’s that? Neely’s. Neely’s? Well, get rid of them. Darling, do you have to go to New York with Neely? Of course. You know I do. I have to do my best for her. Couldn’t someone else go? No. She wants me. She’s scared, Anne. She needs someone. I know. Darling. I’m worried. Why? Neely spells trouble. She thrives on it. Yes, but she deserves a comeback. I just hate to think of you getting involved. Well, don’t worry about that. I can handle her. I’m not so sure. Hello? Annie! Hi. How are ya? Lyon? Gee, I’m sorry. He’s in the shower. I’ll have him call you back. Where you goin’? To a press party for Helen Lawson. Her show’s opening on Thursday. A party without me? Definitely without you. Merrick wants me to keep you under wraps until your opening. How’s my tie? Bend down. I hear the Lawson show laid a big egg in Philadelphia. I wanna go to the party too. You’re the cutest and the cruelest. Can you think of anybody else who has a better right to gloat? Baby, you may have a great talent, but not for ties. Okay. Curl up with your favorite news analyst. I’ll be back early. A little closer together, please. Miss Lawson, have you made many changes since Philadelphia? Yes, quite a few. Hello, Miss O’Hara. How lovely you look tonight. Thank you. Who invited her? Nobody. It’s great to have you back in New York again, Neely. You look marvelous. Lyon, I thought you and Merrick were keeping her out of sight. You should’ve kept her in a straitjacket. I’m very sorry, Helen. I think I’ll sit this one out. What are your plans for films, Neely? That depends on Lyon Burke. I said, that depends on Lyon Burke. He’s the man who takes care of all my affairs. Any truth to the rumor about you two? Any marriage plans? Well, we’re both available. Good evening, Miss Lawson. Can I help you? No, thank you. Who you hiding from, Helen? The notices couldn’t have been that bad. The show just needs a little doctoring. Don’t worry, sweetheart. If it flops, I can always get you a job as understudy for my grandmother. Thanks. I’ve already turned down the part you’re playing. Bull! Merrick’s not that crazy. You should know, honey. You just came out of the nuthouse. It was not a nuthouse! Look, they drummed you right out of Hollywood, so you come crawling back to Broadway. Well, Broadway doesn’t go for booze and dope. Now, you get out of my way, ’cause I’ve got a man waiting for me. That’s a switch from the fags you’re usually stuck with. At least I never married one. You take that back, you old fag hag! Get your hands off me! My God. It’s a wig! Give me back my hairpiece. Her hair’s as phony as she is! Give me that. Dig me as a redhead! Give me that, damn you! What the hell are you doing in there? Giving it a shampoo. Good-bye, pussycat. God, she’s throwing it in the can. I’ll kill her! How do you like that? It won’t even go down the john. Give me that wig! Okay. You want it back? Here it comes, special delivery. So long, granny. I’ll tell your boyfriend not to wait. How do I get out of here? Well, you can go through the kitchen. It’s right next door. I’m sorry, Miss Lawson. What an awful thing to do to a great star like you.

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