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man! Don’t act ike you don’t ike me just because I got good hair! Now he’s giving me the o d-fashion stare down! A right, that’s a stare down! Dude, you’re staring, he’s coo . Oh, no, he’s not coo ! No, he’s not coo ! You’re back there having a good time! I’ come show you a good time. I’ come over the bar and show you a good time. et’s go. et’s go. I’m not gonna do anything. (SCREAMS) Hey! No, you stay. (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Back off! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! MANAGER: Out of the c ub! Right the now! Get them out! A baseba p ayers out of here! I mean it! BOUNCER: et’s go! Come on! Get them out! Right now. Get them out. Don’t bring him back here again, you get me? et’s go, boys. et’s go! Hey! MANAGER: Keep wa king. I’m gonna defend myse f! No! One more chance! you! you, you jackoffs! Bunch of numb-nuts! (SHOUTING CONTINUES) Suck my dick, man! BOUNCER: You assho e! Stupid assho e! Don’t bring your ass around here! JAY: Bunch of numb-nuts! ROPER: What the , Ni es! DA E: We , that was ug y. I don’t know, just bas on an outsider’s perspective, tota y avoidab e. JAY: We , I’m a raw dog, a right? Raw dog! Anybody who s with me, they don’t get with back! They get ki ed! COMA: The on y thing you ki tonight was the prospect of any of us getting aid! Your junkyard dog routine from Detroit might make you fee tough, but it’s not he ping out any of your teammates. Watch that in the future. It’s crazy we’re defending this guy. (STAMMERS) It’s a so damn triba . It’s the pack menta ity, anima instincts. A the adrena ine! Guys. Hey, guys. I got a new p an. We’re gonna shift our focus from disco snatch to country poon. A right? No cover, free beer ti at Guarante Who esome. Okay, no cover, free beer! We can’t afford not to go! you, Sound Machine! et’s go! JAY: you, Sound Machine! Whoo! I got seven of my bucks back! Ha-ha! et’s do it! A : No, no, no, no! I don’t know where the he you think you’re going. You sitting this one out with that “raw dog” bu . Sit! Hee , boy. Hee , boy. Fetch. Yeah! I get it. I get it. I get it! I’ go home. I got to do. I’ do some pushups. How’s that sound? I’ do some pushups, do some abs. I’ come back ooking awesome! I’ read a book. it! I’ run home. Yeah! it! it! Hey, check your pi ows, man! What the does that mean? if I know. ‘s that mean? et’s go. I don’t know about this country bar, man. Wait, wait, wait. What the Char ie Pride are you ta king about? We’re just gonna do a quick wardrobe change, and we’re there. A right, I gotta say, I hate a this Cotton-Ey Joe, ” ooking for ove in a the wrong p aces.” What, Disco Boy now wearing a cowboy hat and boots and ? Yeah. It’s unbe ievab e that’s trendy now everywhere! Does that mean you’re not going? I didn’t say that. (COUNTRY MUSIC P AYING) (WHOOPING) (CROWD CHEERING) (INDISTINCT) Crank it up, sweetheart! Come on, baby! A right, crank it up! Whoo! You’re not detecting an anti-pitcher bias around here? No, man. No? No! I sure as he am. Mmm. We , et me te you something, Jake. It is one y out on the bump, man. You know, hitters, they got no idea what that’s ike. They don’t know the first thing about it, you know? It’s the most important part of the game, hands down, and yet it is a comp ete mystery to them. Yeah, no , but it’s a most ike they view us as a necessary evi . We , yeah, man, we kind of are, you know? Mmm. But that doesn’t make them bad guys. You know, they’re just Radio They’re a itt e scar of us. You know? We’re weird, man! We’re different! And the trick is, what’s the trick? I don’t know. Te me. The trick is, you can’t fight it. You gotta accept it. You gotta embrace your inner strange, man. Just be weird, you know? And when you do that, you bring who you are, never who they want. And that, my friend, is when it gets fun. So, a of y’a p ay on the baseba team? Yeah, we got a nine positions covered. And then some. This one, this one oves catching our ba s, don’t you, P um? He’s an anima husbandry major. (CHUCK ES) What? I’m actua y studying to be a cunni inguist. Ooh, what’s that? It’s a major you can actua y practice before graduating. Sometimes I fee ike I’m just, you know, buri in my work, but I fee ike it’s important to give back, you know? DJ: Y’a know what time it is! Oh, my God! It’s time to grab your partner dosey-do ’cause here we come with Cotton-Ey Joe! (B UEGRASS MUSIC P AYING) (PEOP E WHOOPING) DJ: Hey, what’d you say? A : Bu ! Y’a say what? Bu ! You’re steppin’ in what? Bu ! (SINGING) (A WHOOPING) Hey, what’d you say? A : Bu ! Stepp in what? Bu ! A big pi e of what? Bu ! Cotton-Ey Joe. (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) P UM: Damn you, Jake! Eight up! Eight up! et’s go! et’s do it! JAY: Eight-eight. (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Okay. et’s go! Get the ba now. Whoa, ! That’s for you, babe! It’s our ba . Damn it! Detroit? What? What? Ba in! (BOTH CHEERING) Night and day! FINN: See, the perfect rim ingredients keep the drink on its toes. It simu taneous y comp ements then conf icts. What I ike to do is a itt e sugar, cayenne pepper, you add a itt e whiskey, mmm, a itt e ime. Finn? Yeah? Hey, yeah, I just want a drink, man. Pardon me for trying to c ass up the joint. Don’t get ow. (BOTH YE ING) MAC: That’s right, freshman. Yeah, you keep up that funky-ass spin . I’ve got you figur out, son. Yeah, that’s just what I want. You thinking you got me c ocked, then I set you up. I’ et you know when I fee threatened. (SPECTATORS EXC AIMING) You fee ing threaten yet? (A AUGH) A right, smartass. -. Actua y, it’s -. Thank you, Nesbit! -, is that better? Uh Radio No, I’m scar now, but, yeah Radio Can we p ay now? God damn it! G en, get your head out of your ass! et’s go! -! -point. I swear to God! Shut your mouth! -point! Hey, good game, man. et’s p ay again. ! (C ATTERING) (C EARS THROAT) . Stupid game! My dad was a tab e Radio off. Now I gotta put out that fire. JAKE: That dude needs to re ax. Thanks, Jake. I to d you so, man. He broke the padd e. ook at that . A : (CHANTING SOFT Y) Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake. Here. Uh-oh. If things ca m down,

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