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Your sister has offered to show me around by the Congress Party. Do you want to say to her that it would be my honor? With pleasure. Your wife is very well-read. Yes. Ironically, she goes much more into politics than I am. She is a leftist idealist. I’m more of a military man. What is your order? To make India independent as smoothly as possible. But what is this India? India is its people. Individual men and women who joined the indivisible threads. Our spirit can never be defeated. Under the empire is only getting stronger. We belong together Radio That was what our fathers fought for. I am delighted that we can witness it. What will you do when India becomes free? Climb on top of the viceroy’s house and shout for joy. What about you? I will marry you. How could that happen? You are very brave. You are the bravest woman I know. Do not run from the truth. What do you think your personality? It would be a tragedy to divide India. Så such Jinnah med. It’s a new feeling. What? Trusting the viceroy. I spent nine years of my life in British prisons. But I believe in your sincerity. And I believe that you love my country. Do not let Jinnah persuade you to split it in two. Sheep? I have a guest. Aalia? Where have you been? Dad, it’s Jeet Kumar. Hello. We have something important to talk Radio Later. Guess who’s here. Aalia. Asif? I was worried that you could not recognize me. I never thought the army would let us travel. We were the last regiment was sent home. Finally, the war is over. Asif, it’s Jeet Kumar, my old friend from Lahore. Asif works with Jinnah. Mohammad Ali Jinnah? Only as his driver. I would serve him in any way. Asif, tell Mr. Jinnah that many Muslims also fought for India. We do not want our own country. Jinnah is visionary. He’s a troublemaker. Only he speaks our cause. Hr. Jinnah Radio The spokesman for India’s Muslims is the leader of the Muslim League, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Contrary to the Congress party’s desire for national independence he demanded that England form an independent state of the provinces where Muslims are in the majority. We look forward. I learned this when I visited Cambridge’s ancient spiers. Historians haven. Cambridge also creates visionary. Such as Mr. Nehru. Soon after Mr. Nehru’s time in got a bunch of Cambridge students an excellent, original idea. What was it? Pakistan. The vessel country. Muslims will not have the status of Negroes in America. Muslims are not second-class citizens. We are a minority. Can you guarantee it? If you enter into dialogue with the other leaders, it can be secured. It’s the other leaders who refuse to engage with me. I have the solution. The formation of an Islamic country, Pakistan. Can you really imagine that India will be divided in two? Sometimes an operation to save the patient. Where should the surgery be performed? All states with a Muslim majority. What about the states where it stands right? Punjab and Bengal? They should be included in Pakistan. Islam has taught us democracy and justice. Hindus and Sikhs will be able to practice their faith and vote as they wish. But we Muslims will be protected. We will be in the majority. Once I thought our interests could be secured in a united India. But that was long ago. Nehru and Gandhi have not shown me respect. So how can I trust that they will respect other Muslims? Look at this branch of my family tree. How it wither without new shoots. It is my uncle Nicholas. He was Tsar of Russia. He and his entire family were executed and burned to create someone’s utopia. New nations are born rarely in peace. To unite Hindus and Muslims in an odd state will cause a bloodbath. United constitutes In a fifth of the world population. India would be the greatest power in Asia. India has never been a true nation. It looks just like the short. The British divided Ireland to maintain peace. They share Palestine. They must do the same here. I heard it myself. Jinnah said he will share India in two. He will give us Pakistan. It must not happen. Why not? It gets Gandhijis equal. He would not lie. Long Live Pakistan. Long live Pakistan!

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