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I serve you, Your Majesty. Go. Tell me about Denmark. November th. I swear never to divulge that which I am about to hear. I swear never to divulge that which I am about to hear. I swear never to divulge that which I am about to hear. I swear never to divulge that which I am about to hear. Our day has come, Gentlemen. Our new friends here have armed men and horses in the North. They will combine and move south on word of the explosion, and I will remain in London to announce the death of the King and urge the people to follow us. Londoners will not side with Catholics. I will say nothing about Catholicism. For years fellow Englishmen, we have fought Scotland, for what? For a Scottish King to sit on our throne, surrounded by Scottish cronies. Join me now and we will chase them all back to Scotland. And when they discover that it was, after all a Catholic plot? Then it will not matter, we will have absolute power. My wife’s brother will be in Parliament that day. No one is to be warned. There are many to be warned. But, if we succeed wife and will lose her brother, and if fails her husband Catholics have suffered enough No one is to be warned! If my own child, were in Parliament, I would still say nothing! They are good men who must be warned and I will warn them. You have taken a vow of silence. I will break that vow rather than disobey my conscience. Then I must kill you. So be it. You will have to proceed without my money, my men and my horses. You will each offer one name to be saved. One? One! Lord Monteagle will not be one of them. She’s my wife’s brother! He can not be trusted. He will go straight to the king. Then you’ll have to kill me, and do without my money, my men and my horses. We will. Without your help, this plot is endangered, With Lord Monteagle, this plot is doomed! Mr. Fawkes, when this meeting is ended, kill Francis Tresham. I will. A name, Robert? The Earl of Arundel. Warn him. Thomas? None. Tom? None. The Earl of Northumberland. None. You have the power, to save a good man’s life. Earl of Northumberland. Earl of Northumberland. Warn him. Digby? None. Fawkes? Francis? None. You accept that we cannot warn Lord Monteagle? Yes! What should I do? My Lord Monteagle. Francis. My dear sister. I have came to I invite you to the Strathford Hunt, My Lord. Good man, when? th November. Damn you! My Lord? I will be in Parliament. William people are talking about you. What do they say? May I be blunt? Yes. They say you attend Parliament only to win favour with the King. I attend Parliament to protest against the persecution of Catholics. I know, my Lord. Would they sooner I do nothing? Well yes My Lord Radio .The King doesn’t listen to Catholics, therefor Catholics aught to shun his Parliament. That too is nonsense. That’s what people say. Then to hell with them! You are determined to attend? I am. My Lord, if you attend Parliament, I fear you will suffer a great blow. How? I..I,can’t say. Ward , mark the kill. Yes, My Lord. How can I act upon it? Speak man or go! Will you wear before Almighty God? I will swear nothin, tell me of this injury? Promise me at least, you won’t go straight to the King? I will swear nothing and I will promise nothing. There is gunpowder beneath Westminster. Parliament will be blown to hell when next it meets. William. William Stop. Stop! Where are you going? I must warn the king. They will execute my husband! I will tell the king I learned of this plot from your husband, he will spare him. But what about Percy and Catesby and all who are involved in this plot? They will cut my husband’s throat. Damn you! You must tell the King that someone passed you a letter. Who? A stranger. I will write it. Attend to the horses. I advise you to find an excuse not to go to Westminster. My Lord, though there be no appearance of any stir, I tell you there should receive a terrible blow this Radio .. Blow! Gunpowder! Open the cellars! Who leased this one? Thomas Percy, My Lord. Wait! Open. This is how they killed my father. The children. We must hide away the soldiers. All must appear normal. It’s Ward, your brothers servant. My Lord. He talks to Catesby. He’ll be telling him that your brother’s been warned. I’m finished. They approach. Sweet Jesus. Sweet Jesus. Will you walk with us Francis? Of course. Will you excuse us, Anne? Of course. Do you think us fools? You were asked not to warn Monteagle. and Monteagle received a letter. I do not think we will spare you. But before you die you must speak the truth! What do we do with a fool such as thee. I swear! I swear! I did not write that letter! I swear on my life! I swear, on the lives of my children! I swear on the Blessed Sacrament! Robert. For God sake Robert, no! Robert! He was a traitor. I have done God’s work. I long to see my wife and children once more in Kingdom of Heaven. Would I do anything to endanger that? I, have done God’s work Radio Radio Blood of Christ. Blood of Christ. Blood of Christ. Amen. We must not act in haste. I agree. We must exploit this letter to the full. A Catholic plot so vile it will destroy the Catholic Faith, and tantamount the King and his Parliament. Attempt? This is no mere attempt. This plot must succeed. Succeed? The keepers of the cellars must die. Of course. And Monteagle. Monteagle will do what ever you want him to do. This plot must succeed, Your Majesty. Yes. An accident must befell this man. Away, Away! No! No, no, no. Please! You can hold your tongue? I can, Your Majesty. You will be rewarded for your loyalty. The plot must succeed, Your Majesty. My enemy will destroy my enemy. Catholics will destroy Parliament. A parliament that has denied me everything I’ve ever asked for! A parliament that me unable to act as a King! But no more. Parliament will be destroyed and I will rule as God intended. As Your Majesty wishes. This attempt on Parliament is evil, yes? Yes, Your Majesty. It gives us license to wage war on Catholics, yes? Yes, Your Majesty. But if it succeeds, it succeeds. If people are blown to pieces, burned alive and buried alive how much more license will we have? We could lay waste to half the world.

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