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The expression in Esther’s eyes has stayed with me always. “After her death, my soul died inside me. “But my body and mind remained alive. “I was determined to survive, “and one day tell the world what Roschmann did to our people here.” SIGI: Peter? Peter? It’s after eight. Aren’t you supposed to be at the club? I know. I tried to call a taxi, but I couldn’t get one. A taxi? What do you need a taxi for? Don’t I always take you? (LIVELY MUSIC EMERGING FROM CLUB) TAUBER: “Between and the end of the war, “over , German Jews were brought to Riga. ” came out alive. “In late , we began to hear the crump of mortar fire. “There were rumours in the camp “that the Russians had taken the suburbs of Riga, “and that the German army would be forced to retreat. “On the eleventh of October, “fifty of us survivors were taken to the docks. “We were helping wounded soldiers to go on deck “when Roschmann drove up in a staff car “and gave instructions that they should be brought ashore again. “He intended to commandeer the ship for the SS.” Wo ist denn hier der kommandierende Offizier? Adjutant! Kommen Sie hier! Wer ist denn hier im Kommando? Bringen sie ihn sofort her. Wir übernehmen das Schiff. Alle Verwundete runter vom Schiff! Verdammt noch einmal geht hier vor? Was fällt ihnen ein? Tut mir leid, Kamerad, das Schiff wird von uns übernommen. Das Schiff ist hier um verwundete Soldaten der Wehrmacht an Bord zu nehmen. Ach, reden Sie doch kein Unsinn! Ich befehle hier und kein anderer! Ruhe Leute, weiter machen. Wir werden doch sehen wer hier befiehlt! Leutnant, gehen Sie zum Heck, in zwanzig Minuten legen wir ab. Weiter machen. (GUNSHOTS) TAUBER: “The Captain was dead before he hit the ground. “The medal that fell from him into the snow “was the Knight’s Cross with oak leaf cluster. “Early in , a few weeks before the liberation, “Captain Roschmann of the SS made up his mind to disappear. “He slipped quietly away in a car with two other officers. “He was wearing the uniform of an army corporal. “I saw him go, and I was determined one day to bring him to justice.

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