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will fall apart. Rumors, gossip, anyway I’ll ask my party leaders… Your leaders no longer exist. If the law passes before the government falls, meaning days, Santa Claus will bring your foundation a couple of million. Just push the law in the Chamber, get back the defector votes… Cuts are in the air, how can I? If it’s money you need, no problem, we can buy anyone. Just do your part, I’ll deal with the rest. Got it? Yes. Say: “Okay!” Okay. Who was the girl that night? Who do you think she is? A hooker. Where does she live? No, wait… She’s the only witness. No! She won’t talk, won’t say a thing. This is absurd! Couldn’t we meet in a more discreet place? I feel safer here. What’s that mean? I’m scared of you. Of me? You ordered Dagger killed? How can you even think that? I know loads of things about you. I’ve got everything: photos, videos… I filmed you when you slept, when you did drugs. If anything happens to me, I’ll ruin you. You can’t touch me! I didn’t ask anyone to kill Dagger, it was the mistake of an asshole from Ostia called “Number “, what you don’t understand is that someone much worse might come after you. From now on, don’t talk about me and I won’t talk about you, it’s convenient for both of us. You have to go now. Don’t go back home. Hear me? Don’t go home. Seba… Ninni! You have to help me, I’m in trouble. No, please, you don’t know the mess I’m in. I know. Really, please… Please, I can’t go home, I’m scared. Can I stay with you? Just for tonight! That old guy is the great Samurai? And he goes around alone? He was the only one in the Magliana gang my dad was scared of. Why? He knows loads of things, all the Mafias respect him. You and your family are in this deal only because it’s here in Ostia, on your turf. You worry me, you want to be the boss, but still haven’t learned how. I don’t like the way you talk. I respect you, but I want to be respected too. Because you respect me, you killed a guy you should have just scared? He wanted in on the deal, he told me! Don’t bullshit me, Aureliano! The Anacletis don’t know a thing about all this. What’s all the fuss? I took a head off the streets! No backtalk, just do what I say, you have to do like your father did. My father licked all the asses of the Families of the South, I won’t do it. The “Families of the South” poured millions into this deal and I’m their guarantor, I want to work in peace. Is this big deal really coming? We do lots of talkin’! It’s happening, if we cut the shit. Can you be good for a couple of weeks? Answer me. I can, I can. I hope so, for your sake. I wanna know who he saw last night. Look for ’em one by one. Find them. So, it was the brother of… This guy that died was Manfredi’s brother. Manfredi, the… The Anacletis, the gypsies! Now this guy’s after me. Who, the guy from Ostia? No, why? Maybe they’re two different things, maybe it was a thing between gangs. Maybe you have nothing to do with this, these guys here… I have to leave now, I have an appointment. It’ll all work out, you’ll see. Stay as long as you like. Bye, Ninni! Bye. Is Manfredi here? Manfredi’s here? I want to talk to Manfredi. Not today, come back tomorrow. It’s really important. What? I know who killed Dagger. Let him in. So? How do you know who did it? A rumor. I know all of Rome. Give me a name. But… the villa where I work… you have to let me keep it, take the rest. I want that name right now, or I’ll throw you in the cage with him. It’s a guy from Ostia, he’s got a nickname… What nickname? Number . You know him? Do you know why? From kitten to tiger, thanks to all the beatings, he nearly ripped my nephew’s arm off the other day. So, you’ll have him put down. No, I respect all warriors, as long as they show me they’ve got courage. Now get out. So, the villa… I told you to get out, my brother’s dead, not my cat! Sorry. We mourn alone. Ninni! It’s me! I’ve been waiting so long. You never came back, where were you? Public relations. I’m cold. Poor thing. I’ll warm you up. May I? I’m going home tomorrow. Why? You can stay as long as you like, at least until they kick me out.

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