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Yeah.. Syracuse, The fisherman? What is it to you? You got a light? The girl on the boat. What do you call her? My mascot. You where upset last night? Not so much. Your mom sad you where. She imagine things. Doe you imagine things dad? I leave that to you. It’s a kind of to much time on mine on. My blood goes from here to there, Trying to imagine a happy ending. It is hard, Some days it is hard. Where is every body ? Oh, God. In town for the regatta. The regatta? Yeah, There are bands playing. Late night opening. Mom told me, I forgot… Have you got a key? Yeah, But I, Left inside. Annie. Come on. Where does she drink these days? Skippers. Hello? Hello? I’ve done it mom. Oy.. You are a good thing ah. Be careful. They don’t serve naglers here… Just give me those keys Mary, I’ll take her home. The barman, Doesn’t hurt anyone. Please, Mary. You had a few in your time ah. She’s coming to mine place. She is not, Get back to your caravan. What would your mermaid say, Circus? You know he has got himself a water-baby.

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